YouTuber shows what happens off-camera in Silent Hill 2

If there was ever a game that made good use out of what the player doesn’t see as much as what they do see, that game is Silent Hill 2. However, if you’ve ever been curious as to what exactly those off-camera elements look like, YouTuber Shesez has you covered.

As part of his ongoing ‘Boundary Break’ video series, Shesez decided to focus on Silent Hill 2, a game that is often considered to be the high point of the entire Silent Hill series. Using a special third-party tool, Shesez is able to look beyond the normal limits of a player’s viewpoint while playing Silent Hill 2, showing some of the funny, odd, and sometimes downright bizarre things that are happening in places where the player wasn’t meant to look. It’s also a little strange to see the town of Silent Hill without its usual blanket of fog, but as Shesez shows, what’s hidden beyond that fog is actually often more fascinating than scary.

You can watch the full video above, just know that it might somewhat dampen the air of mystery which Silent Hill 2 likely still has in your mind.