You can play Monster Hunter Rise before it comes out

Monster Hunter Rise doesn’t arrive on Nintendo Switch until March 26, but you can try it out before then. In a livestream, Capcom shared a bunch of details for Monster Hunter Rise including locales, new monsters, new characters, and a new Wyvern Riding ability that lets you ride monsters and use them to attack other monsters.

At the end of the livestream, Capcom developers announced a demo of the game that is now available. The demo will only be available from January 7 to February 1 on Nintendo Switch and will feature four quests – a beginner quest, an intermediate quest, a basic training quest, and a Wyvern Riding quest. All 14 weapon types will be available in the demo and both the beginner quest and intermediate quest can be played co-operatively either locally or online.

Watch the entire presentation and new trailers below:

Capcom also announced three new Amiibos will be coming based on three characters from Monster Hunter Rise – Palamute, your character’s dog companion, Palico, your character’s cat companion, and Magnamalo, the new massive boss monster featured in the game.

Monster Hunter Rise is the next main game in the Monster Hunter series and is exclusive to Nintendo Switch. The reason for exclusivity could be in part to make up for 2018’s lauded Monster Hunter World never being ported to Switch, despite fans begging for the game on the console.