Xbox at E3 2017: Xbox One X revealed, along with over 40 games

Xbox's E3 2017 press event began on Sunday at 2 PM Pacific. You can watch a replay of the full event right here, and continue reading for our rundown of the big news and highlights. 

Project Scorpio becomes Xbox One X

Project Scorpio finally has an official name, and it’s Xbox One X. Other than the reveal of the name, there are not too many surprises here. It’s powerful, and particular emphasis was put on the 4K capabilities throughout the press conference.

According to Microsoft it will be capable of true 4K, HDRm and the playback of UHD Blu Rays. This puts it well ahead of the current powerhouse, the PS4 Pro.

All games and accessories from the Xbox One or Xbox One should be cross compatible with the newest addition to the family. It’s also liquid cooled, and is smaller than expected. Similar to Sony's strategy with the PS4 Pro, some games will be provided with updates that allow for visual upgrades, and load times and performance on older games will be improved when using the Xbox One X.

The Xbox One X is going to be released on November 7th for $499. You can sign up to be notified when the new console goes on sale on Newegg now

Forza 7

After the big reveal, we were shown Forza Motorsport 7. The trailer showcased the emphasis on a wide variety of cars (more than 700!) and detailed environments running in 4K at 60 frames per second.

Alongside the game reveal was quite a surprise, a new car being revealed to the world during the show. The world debut of the Porsche 911 GT2RS occurred at Microsoft's press conference, which shows what an impact Forza has made on the automotive industry.

Forza Motorsport 7 will be released on October 3rd.

Metro Exodus

Next up was the newest entry in the Metro franchise, Metro Exodus. With a compelling trailer reminiscent of Horizon Zero Dawn combined with Bioshock, Metro Exodus should stand out as a particularly haunting and beautiful FPS.

Assassin's Creed: Origins

A new Assassin’s Creed was not a surprise, nor was the setting, but Assassin’s Creed: Origins still managed to make a splash despite the plethora of leaks. It looks like this time we will discover the origins of the Assassin’s guild, and explore a historical setting with more emphasis on RPG elements in addition to the typical combat and movement associated with the franchise.

It's going to be released on October 27th.

PUBG on Xbox One

In an interesting surprise, it looks like battle royale simulator that everyone and their grandma is streaming on Twitch is coming to the Xbox One with some console specific upgrades.

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds will be released later this year.

Deep Rock Galactic

One of the more enigmatic releases showcased at the Xbox conference was Deep Rock Galactic, a highly stylized FPS that takes place mostly underground. It looks to have an interesting emphasis on mining, and, of course, shooting.

State of Decay 2

Because there can never be enough zombie games, State of Decay 2 is coming to the Xbox One in Spring of 2018. It features plenty of zombie killing mayhem which is to be expected, but there are also seems to be a focus on settlement building which adds a bit of a twist.

The Darwin Project

Next we got to see an interesting arena based competitive game called the Darwin Project. It’s hard not to draw comparisons to Overwatch given the Pixar-like art style and gameplay, but this seems to be a bit more violent, and is played in third person instead of first.

Competitive gamers are going to want to keep their eyes out for this one.

Minecraft: Cross-platform and 4K

Minecraft is no stranger to the Xbox, but with the extra power of the Xbox One X comes some new features that should get fans excited. The Super Duper Graphics Pack (great name) allows you to enjoy Minecraft in all its blocky glory in 4K, with substantially improved lighting effects.

Cross platform play was also introduced, meaning you’ll be able to play with people whether they on mobile, console, VR, or PC.

Games, games, games!

The press briefing kicked into high gear next, and the game trailers started coming fast and furious. The emphasis here was clearly an attempt to answer skeptics who have criticized the relatively weak game lineup on the Xbox One. 

First we got to check out some sweet anime goodness with DragonBall Fighter Z, a fighting game in the vein of Marvel vs. Capcom.

Black Desert is an intriguing MMORPG that seems to have a focus on exciting combat in addition to its traditional fantasy trappings. Looking forward to learning more about this one.

Next up was one of the coolest trailers in the whole presentation; an adventure game with an incredibly compelling pixel art style called The Last Night. We don’t know much about it yet other than it’s super purty, but we’ll definitely be following this one closely.

In a similar indie vibe, we were shown The Artful Escape, a trippy and surreal looking game with a remarkable art style and crazy visuals.

Code Vein is an anime style game with what looks like some pretty dark themes coming next year. JRPG fans will want to stay updated on this one.

Sea of Thieves 

A large portion of the show was dedicated to Sea of Thieves, an open world, cartoony pirate adventure that focuses on multiplayer, exploration, and combat.


One of the most cryptic and shortest trailers was Tacoma. We learned almost nothing about it other than it’s very colorful and apparently set in space...a promising start!

Super Lucky's Tale

Next we had a very delightful, traditional style platformer by the name of Super Lucky’s Tale. Think old school platformers like Banjo Kazooie and Spyro, and you’ll have a sense of what to expect here. Super Lucky’s Tale is being released on November 7th.


You might have heard of Cuphead, the awesome side scrolling game with an incredibly unique style. Cuphead emulates a very old cartoon, with all the style and charm of old Mickey Mouse cartoons. This super sweet throwback game comes out on September 20th.

Crackdown 3 featuring Terry Crews

I’ve played a LOT of Crackdown in my day, so I was excited for the announcement of Crackdown 3. As seems perfectly appropriate, Terry Crews screams and shouts about hitting people with buildings. I expected no less.


Next the focus was shifted to ID@Xbox, Microsoft’s indie development program. These big corporate monoliths are trying to show the indie game love, EA did the same thing at EA Play 2017. We got a look at Ashen, which made quite an impression with its distinct character design and somber tone.

Life is Strange 

Fans of Square Enix’s Life is Strange have reason to be excited for Before the Storm, the first chapter in an episodic prequel to the first game.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War

We were then given an extended peek into Shadow of War, the highly anticipated sequel to Shadow of Mordor. LOTR fans rejoice!

On display was the nemesis fortresses, soldier recruitment, and more of that satisfying combat the series is known for. Very excited about this one.

Ori returns

I am a big fan of the beautiful/tragic platformer Ori and the Blind Forest, so I was quite thrilled when the sequel, Ori and The Will of the Wisps was announced via a suitably sad piano accompaniment.

After the onslaught of quality trailers, Microsoft went a little old school, and announced that they are going to start adding original Xbox titles to their backwards compatible list. This is exciting for fans of older games like Crimson Skies and Soul Calibur II maybe?! A Talim main can dream.

You’ll start seeing these older titles available later this year.

And last, but certainly not least, was Anthem.

BioWare’s Anthem

Anthem was first officially announced at yesterday’s EA Play 2017 event, but this is the first real look we’ve gotten at BioWare’s highly anticipated new IP.

It’s an open world game, populated by people called Freelancers running around in mech suits called Javelins.  These act essentially as classes, some are nimble, some are hulking powerhouses.

This dynamic, verdant open world can be explored by yourself or with friends. Think Destiny combined with Horizon Zero Dawn and a dash of Iron Man thrown in for good measure.

Anthem looks pretty awesome, and is undeniably beautiful. We’re looking forward to learning more about it.

Check out our full write-up of Anthem for more on why this game could be a welcome surprise from BioWare. 

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