Xbox announces free games for the month of April for Live Gold subscribers

there are many perks to being an Xbox Gold Live member. For about $50 a year, subscribers are able to get the most out of their Xbox and have access to one of the most exciting entertainment networks in the world. Nearly 50 million people take advantage of Live Gold membership for its unrivaled multiplayer experience, HD movies, TV shows, live events, music, sports, and free games. That’s right, free games.

Live Gold subscribers are a major reason Microsoft has been so successful with the Xbox. As a “thank you” to their members, Microsoft treats them with two free Xbox 360 games every month with its Games with Gold program. This perk alone is reason enough to be a subscriber -- and if you aren't a Live Gold member yet, what are you waiting for?


Between April 1st and April 15, users will be able to download Hitman: Absolution. This is the fifth game in the popular Hitman series and has been met with generally favorable reviews. Unlike other games in the franchise, Absolution allows players to create their own missions for other players to complete online. Agent 47 is also able to predict enemy patrol routes by using a new feature called “instinct mode”. If you’re a fan of stealth games, download Absolution while it’s still free.


During the second half of the month, between April 16 and April 30, Deadlight will be available for free download. Although this game has mixed reviews across the board, there are not many games like it and it’s very fun to play. This game is a total throwback to the classic side-scrollers of the 1980s and 1990s. If you miss playing games like Prince of Persia and Double Dragon, you’ll probably enjoy playing Deadlight. Make sure to download this if you want to kill zombies while only moving left-to-right!

For those of you who want to move on from Xbox 360 games, you’re in luck! Microsoft will be expanding its Games with Gold program later this year and will also be giving away Xbox One games. Remember, these games are only available for a limited time so grab them while they’re still available!