In Win brings the curves with their latest cases

In Win makes top tier cases, so it was no surprise to see them continuing that tradition this year at CES 2018. It also wasn’t a surprise to see a completely insane concept case, as they like to bring those out for every CES too.

We got the opportunity to see some of their newest cases up close at the show, and we were not disappointed.

915 Tower

The first new case we saw was the large and oh so pretty 915 Full Tower. This aluminum and tempered glass beauty is sporting some serious curves. It’s a larger case, so you’ll have plenty of room for custom cooling loops. Speaking of cooling, the 915 Full Tower takes temperatures very seriously, as evidenced by the elevating ventilation cover at the top.

It’s also covered in RGB. When you tie all these unique features together you get one seriously special case. We look forward to working with this one.

A1 Mini

Next up were the mini-ITX cases. These beautiful little boxes have room for full size video cards, and provide easy access to internals via removable tempered glass panels. They too are embracing the RGB, with bases that light up like the sun.

One of the coolest things case makers are doing is installing wireless charging for you phone directly into the cases they produce, and the A1 Mini does that as well. Just put your phone down on top of your case, and BAM! You’re charging.

The Winbot

There were quite a few other cases, from an EKWB build that allows you to see the coolant through the In Win logo, to an ASUS TUFF collaboration that brings the unique pattern and styling of their Tuffest motherboard across the entire case.

But the star of the In Win booth was, without a doubt, the Winbot. This proof of concept case looks like something straight out of the Jetsons, in the best possible way.

It’s essentially a giant round plastic sphere that opens up, and it also has the ability to rotate. It’s unlike any case we’ve ever seen, and it’s quite the display piece, right up there with the In Win H-Tower from a few years ago in terms of spectacle.

There won’t be many of these made, so chances are we’ll never get the chance to work in one, but there’s no question it’s one of the most unique cases we’ve ever seen, and cements In Win as one of the most inventive designers in the industry.