We Happy Few: Beginner’s tips and tricks

As noted in our review, Compulsion Games’ We Happy Few is surprisingly accessible given that it’s part of a genre which usually forces the player to sink or swim almost immediately. However, even on its easiest difficulty settings, We Happy Few can take some getting used to, especially if you don’t have any prior survival game experience. Fortunately for you, this guide should help in getting your bearings as you set out to explore the dangerously beautiful town of Wellington Wells.

Watch out for Rose of Gilead plants

As you’re exploring the more rural parts of Wellington Wells, you’ll come across a variety of different plants and bushes that can be foraged (they’ll glow as you approach, signaling that they can be interacted with.) Some of the items you forage in this manner can be eaten to stave off hunger, while others can be given to citizens as gifts, but there’s one plant in particular that you’ll want to keep a keen eye out for: the Rose of Gilead.

It’s easy to spot Rose of Gilead bushes once you know what you’re looking for, just keep a lookout for bushes that are adorned with large red roses. A mere two Rose of Gilead petals can be crafted into a basic Healing Balm item, and since you can craft on the fly, you can quickly build up a healthy stockpile of Healing Balms as long as you’re willing to put a little time into your foraging efforts.

Just note that Rose of Gilead bushes aren’t as plentiful in Wellington Wells’ more urban districts. However, since they do respawn over time, you can use the safehouse tunnel access system to return to a more rural district if you ever find yourself low on Healing Balms.

Remember to store items in your Pneumatic Stash

Given that We Happy Few is a survival game at heart, it can certainly be beneficial in the long run to grab everything that’s not bolted down. Of course, then you run into the issue of being constantly overburdened, something you definitely don’t want to be when you have to make a quick getaway. Whenever you visit or revisit a safehouse, be sure to drop any items you don’t immediately need into your Pneumatic Stash to offload some of the weight.

Weapons and gadgets tend to be the heaviest items you’ll find, but all those crafting components you’re lugging around can add up as well. It’s usually best to just deposit all of your crafting components into your stash (hence why there’s a dedicated button for it) since you can still use them to craft new items even when you’re out exploring. Crafting on the fly can also help to reduce your total weight since one crafted item usually weighs less than the combined components needed to make it, though that’s not always the case.

Running away is an excellent tactic

Wellington Wells’ bobbies and doctors may seem menacing, but the specific limitations of We Happy Few’s AI also means that they and all the rest of the town’s citizens are also quite forgetful. If you’re ever ousted as a downer while you’re strolling down a town street, simply sprint back to the nearest safehouse, hop inside, and when you come back out the previously panicked townsfolk will have forgotten all about you. This tactic is also handy if there’s a side-objective out in the open that you have to interact with, but you know that approaching or using it will anger nearby citizens.

Running away is also totally viable if you’re ever caught while sneaking around an area you shouldn’t be in. Just run away, find a hiding spot, and stay put for a few moments, whoever is searching for you will soon give up and return to their normal duties. Wellington Wells’ citizens aren’t the most persistent bunch, and you might as well use that to your advantage.

Use safehouse water taps to clear Joy-related ailments

Taking Joy is essential for completing certain goals or bypassing certain barriers, but taking too much of it can also cause you to overdose or, worse, have a memory loss episode, both of which will quickly expose you as a downer. Fortunately, there’s a rather easy method for clearing any Joy withdrawal symptoms you’re suffering from in relative safety: just drink the safehouse water taps.

Once you start reaching Wellington Wells districts where the water is laced with Joy, drinking from a water tap like a sink or a public pump will dose you with Joy much as if you had popped a Joy pill. This can be handy if you need to pass a Joy-specific objective and you’re fresh out of Joy pills, but it can also be a godsend if you’re approaching the threshold of a Joy memory loss episode. Just keep drinking from a sink in your safehouse until you trigger the episode and then either sleep or keep drinking to slowly bring down the memory loss debuff. You’ll be right as rain and the citizenry will be none the wiser.

Check workbenches for new crafting recipes

Whenever you unlock a new safehouse, you should take a quick second to carefully check the included workbench and, if it has one, chemistry set. In most cases, doing so will net you one or two new crafting recipes for items that are associated with the type of crafting station you found them on (gadgets and weapons for workbenches, healing items and chemicals for chemistry sets.) Just make sure that you look carefully, as the crafting recipes themselves can be a little hard to spot, especially if the safehouse has poor lighting. 

Good luck out there!