We Happy Few’s newest trailer is five minutes of mind-bending dystopian thrills

In just under a month’s time, fans of Compulsion Games’ upcoming dystopian survival title We Happy Few will finally be able to play the game’s final version when it launches on August 10. Now, to get the hype train rolling early, Compulsion has released a lengthy new trailer for We Happy Few which, for all intents and purposes, could easily function as the game’s launch trailer despite its extremely early arrival.

The trailer, which is ominously titled “The ABC’s of Happiness,” offers viewers an uncomfortably in-depth look into how the citizens of a 1960’s British town called Wellington Wells are led to forget the horrors of World War II. Along with taking a psychedelic drug called Joy, ordinary citizens are brainwashed by the powers that be to not only think nothing but happy thoughts, but to also severely punish any “downers” who refuse to take their joy.

As part of We Happy Few’s story campaign, players will get to control three such downers. The first is Arthur Hastings, a former government employee who believes his missing brother is being kept in Wellington Wells’ Garden District. Then there’s Sally Boyle, a chemistry expert who appears to also have a penchant for breaking and entering. Finally, there’s Ollie Starkey, a former soldier whose loud Scottish blustering makes it clear that he has been resisting the Joy-fueled hostile takeover from the very beginning.

Eagle-eyed viewers will also spot glimpses at some of We Happy Few’s gameplay mechanics, including a weapon-crafting system and a skill tree that allows players to specialize in areas like combat or stealth. What isn’t shown in the trailer is how players will also have to manage survival mechanics such as their character’s hunger and thirst. It’s not clear yet how well We Happy Few will be able to balance the survival aspects with the more plot-heavy narrative components, but fans will find out for themselves when the game launches next month.