Watch Titanfall 2’s Live Fire mode trailer

The next major content addition for Titanfall 2 will be a new 6v6 competitive mode called Live Fire, a mode which developer Respawn Entertainment recently announced will be launching sometime in February. Now, to help get fans psyched up for Live Fire, Respawn has given the mode its own trailer.

In Live Fire, two teams of six players vie for control of a flag which is located in the center of the map. There are no respawns or Titans allowed in Live Fire and rounds only last for 60 seconds total which means there are two ways to attain victory: eliminate all players on the other team or be in possession of the flag when the timer runs out. Respawn is also creating two new maps which will be exclusive to Live Fire, maps which are smaller and help to better facilitate the hectic close-quarters action that Live Fire will espouse.

Live Fire is the first in a series of free content additions which Respawn has planned. Also on the docket are a new map for the game’s 1v1 Coliseum mode and a revamped version of the Colony map from the original Titanfall. You can watch the new Live Fire trailer below.