Watch footage of a Bloodborne boss fight that didn’t make it into the final game

A few weeks ago, we reported on how dataminers had found some cut Bloodborne content which included several unused monsters and NPC’s. Now, those same dataminers have managed to uncover an entire unused boss fight sequence which was sadly left on the cutting room floor during development.

While the first round of datamining only showed the 3D models for the unused monster/NPC assets, this new video shows actual gameplay footage of the player fighting one of the unused boss enemies. Since the video was shot in a debug version of Bloodborne, some of the environmental assets aren’t fully loaded and there’s no HUD to indicate just how much health the boss’s attacks are bumping off with each hit (our guess is “a lot”), but it’s still interesting to see how the encounter would have functioned if it had made the cut.

All this datamining has us pining for an eventual Bloodborne sequel more than anything, here’s hoping From Software’s recent Game Awards tease has us returning to the dark gothic world of Yharnam.