Watch Dogs 2 four-player co-op update now available

If you always thought that roaming around Watch Dogs 2’s version of San Francisco felt just a little too lonely, the game’s most recent update should brighten your day immensely since it allows up to four players to meet up and cause havoc together.

The 1.16 update for Watch Dogs 2 officially went live as of yesterday. According to the update’s official patch notes, its highlight feature is the new four-player co-op mode, a mode which allows parties of up to four players free-roam through the city and also participate in a variety of structured PvP and PvE activities. Since two-player co-op missions were balanced specifically for two players, they will not be available if you’re in a party of three or more players. Leaderboards are also disabled while playing in a larger group, though you can still earn both follower and cash rewards.

You should be prompted to download the 1.16 update the next time you boot up your platform of choice. You can watch a new trailer for Watch Dogs 2’s four-player co-op mode below.