Watch Dogs 2’s 1.13 patch goes live today

Watch Dogs 2 is getting a substantial new patch today which brings the game’s version up to 1.13 and also adds in a plethora of free content such as a new PvP mode and a new non-lethal weapon.

As we previously outlined in our coverage of Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs 2 content roadmap, the free content that is coming in today’s patch includes the new Showdown 2v2 PvP mode, multiplayer support (complete with leaderboards and seasonal rewards) for various racing activities, Armored Truck events which allow players to try and hijack the trucks for loot, the new Paintball Rifle non-lethal weapon, and 13 new clothing items to collect which include a fancy tuxedo and more. The patch should hopefully be live by the time of this writing but it is guaranteed to be live by the end of the day.

The above free content will be followed by Watch Dogs 2’s No Compromises DLC that is set to go live tomorrow, April 18 for PlayStation 4 and May 18 for Xbox One and PC.