Watch a Dark Souls III speedrunner beat all bosses (including DLC) in under an hour and a half

According to my Steam profile, I have poured about 86 hours into Dark Souls III, and that includes both of the game’s DLC expansions. It is because of this that I feel utterly stupefied at the knowledge that there are speedrunners out there who can do in under an hour and a half what it took me nearly 90 hours to accomplish.

In the below video, you can see popular speedrunner and streamer Distortion2’s current world record speedrun for Dark Souls III in which he kills every single one of the game’s bosses in one hour and 24 minutes. Now, normally that time wouldn’t be terribly impressive, but when you consider the fact that the below run also includes the bosses from Dark Souls III’s two DLC expansions (including the infamously difficult optional boos Darkeater Midir from The Ringed City DLC), it’s easy to see why Distortion2 is regarded as one of the best of the best.

After having struggled against some of Dark Souls III’s bosses for more time than I care to admit, it’s strangely satisfying to watch another player absolutely destroy them with such ease. Watch the video above.