Walkthrough: The Gallery - Episode 1: Call of the Starseed

Note: This walkthrough contains spoilers about the game’s puzzles, levels, and items, and some — but not all — of the game’s story elements.

Cloudhead Games designed the VR exploration mystery The Gallery – Episode 1: Call of the Starseed with several difficult and time-consuming puzzles. But while puzzles that challenge can be fun, sometimes you just want to get on with the story and explore the next area.

This walkthrough explains the game’s puzzles and provides direction for the game’s levels and exploration. If you’re stuck, want help, and don’t mind minor spoilers, then read on.

The Beach

Find the flare gun

1. When you approach the table at the beginning of the level, notice the cooler will raise up and out of your reach. Keep this in mind, because you’ll need to come back here later after you solve the flare gun puzzle.

Note A: Before the next step, check out the area with the campfire, cooler, and fireworks, and set off the fireworks by lighting them in the campfire to earn a Steam achievement.

2. Blink up the path to the enclosed area with the sleeping bag and the makeshift kitchen. Go to the small table on which sits a lit candle and a note.

NOTE A: Either pick up and read the note now or move the candle out of the way if you want to read the note later. Otherwise, the note could burn and become unreadable after the next step.

3. Grab an object, such as the log or the frying pan, and throw it at the yellow ammo crate on the high shelf above you. The crate will fall onto the table and its contents will spill out.

Shoot the bells

1. Grab the flare gun and the flares, and load the gun.

2. Blink to the ledge.

3. Shoot the three bells with the flares.

NOTE A: One bell will be directly to your left, another bell will be atop the mast of the beached ship, and another bell will be on a buoy floating in the water.

NOTE B: Don’t worry if you miss, because missed shots will not reset the puzzle. Additionally, the ammo will auto-replenish, so don’t worry if you miss a lot – you will never run out of ammo.

NOTE C: The flare’s trajectory has a lot of arc, so aim high.

4. After you’ve shot the three bells, blink back to the first cooler that was raised out of reach at the beginning of the level.

5. Grab the handle from inside the lowered cooler.

6. Blink to the sewer entrance.

7. Attach the handle to the door.

8. Turn the handle.

AUDIO LOG NOTE: Don’t forget to grab the audio log on the table at the side balcony next to the enclosed area with the makeshift kitchen.

The Sewer

This level is fairly straightforward and doesn’t have any puzzles, but it requires some navigation. Even if you figure it out on your own, take it slow because there’s some cool lore scratched onto the walls.

1. Pick up the map and the audio tape on the crate.

NOTE A: If you want to use the map and your flashlight at the same time, then make sure you have your flashlight in-hand and your backpack stashed before you grab the map. Otherwise, you won’t be able to stash the backpack while you have the flashlight and map in-hand.

NOTE B: However, you don’t really need the map – unless you want to pick up the lighter at the wishing well – because of the arrows on the walls. 

2. Follow the arrows on the walls, or use the map.

3. When you reach the sewage door with Christmas lights on it, blink to it and the next level will load. 

The Lair

This is the most action-packed of Episode 1’s levels, which features a combination of puzzles and activities.

Catch the Fuses

1. The professor will throw fuses – and junk – at you. Catch the fuses, and ignore the junk.

NOTE A: The professor throws fuses near the fuse box at first, but after a few tosses he will throw them farther back and to your right.

NOTE B: Pull the trigger a split-second before you think you might need to, because the timing isn’t prefect.

NOTE C: Be sure to neither drop nor step on the fuses, because they will break and cannot be repaired.

2. Place the fuse into any slot in the fuse box directly after catching it. The order in which the slots are filled does not matter.

NOTE A: You could place them on top of the box or on the floor between catches, but you will run the risk of breaking the fuses. Placing them into the fuse box directly after catching them is the best bet.

NOTE B: The professor shouldn’t run out of fuses, but if he does — which is a bug — you will need to restart the level.

Ride the Elevator

1. Get in the elevator.

2. Pull down the handle, which will be to your right.

Activate the Waterwheel

1. Blink across the bridge.

2. Go to the pair of levers, which will be on your right.

3. When the lever’s power light changes from red to green, grab each lever and move the waterwheel in position under the water.

NOTE A: One of the levers controls forward and back, and the other lever controls left and right.

4. Once the water wheel starts to spin, the professor will open the power distribution cabinet.

Assemble the Power Distribution Cabinet

1. Turn around and blink to the cabinet.

2. Pick up the components and place them into their respective slots in the cabinet.

NOTE A: Most of the components will be on the table under the cabinet, but two of them will be on separate shelves behind you. 

NOTE B: Be sure to place the smaller components into their slots before you place the larger components into their slots. Otherwise, the pieces will fall out and you’ll have to start over.

3. After all the pieces are in place, blink into the elevator, which the professor will lower after some dialogue.

AUDIO LOG NOTE: Before you go, don’t forget to pick up the two cassette audio logs in the room. One cassette will be with some of the circuit boards on the table below the cabinet, and the other cassette will be on one of the shelves behind you.

The Laboratory


1. Blink into the lab and head to the fuse console.

2. Pick up the gravity gun on the desk.

NOTE A: The gun will take a few moments to activate.

3. Use the gun to capture fuses.

4. Place the 10-volt fuses in slots with three or more connected wires, and place the 5-volt fuses in slots with two or fewer connected wires.

NOTE A: This hint will be on the bottom of the gravity gun in case you forget.

NOTE B: The fuses are labeled with their respective voltages. Additionally, the 10-volt fuses are larger than the 5-volt fuses, and the two types of fuses have different colored ends.

NOTE C: The right-most column of fuses should equal 65 volts as per the hint taped to the TV behind the console.

NOTE D: There will be extra fuses in the room, so if you misplace a 5- or 10-volt fuse in the fuse box, take it out and use the gravity gun to find the correct fuse, which should be floating somewhere in the room.

5. When the fuse console is complete, grab the door handle.

6. Open the door.

7. Remove the fragment from your backpack.

8. Place it into the artifact.

AUDIO LOG NOTE: This level has two audio logs. One will be in the drawer to the left of the fuse console, and the other will be floating in the room and can be grabbed with the gravity gun.

The Descent

Step into the elevator, enjoy the ride, and place your hand into the artifact when prompted.

The Machine

Same as above: step into the elevator, enjoy the ride, and place your hand into the artifact when prompted.

And that should do it for the tricky parts of Episode 1. If you get stuck anywhere, speak up in the comments and we'll see if we can find the solution.