Vampyr will get two additional difficulty modes later this summer

Dontnod’s action/RPG game Vampyr didn’t exactly blow us away when it launched back in early June, with our reviewer saying that the game’s intriguing story was ultimately tempered by a combat system that was bland at best, frustrating at worst. Fortunately, an upcoming content update for Vampyr will address those qualms directly while also providing an optional extra challenge for those who thought the default mode was just a little too tame.

According to a press release from Dontnod, Vampyr will be receiving a free update later this summer that will add in two new modes of play: Story mode and Hard mode. In Story mode, the difficulty of all combat encounters will be significantly toned down, allowing players to focus more on Vampyr’s narrative and RPG elements. Hard mode on the other hand will do the exact opposite, cranking the combat difficulty up and also decreasing the amount of experience points earned from combat encounters (meaning players will have to rely more on killing innocent townsfolk to acquire the XP needed to level up).

A specific release date for the Story/Hard mode update hasn’t yet been announced, but the “late summer” timeframe likely means that players will be able to try the new modes for themselves sometime during the month of August. In the meantime, if you’re struggling with Vampyr’s default difficulty level, our beginner’s guide might be able to help you out.