Valkyria Chronicles 4: Tips, tricks, and strategies for beginners

The battlefields of Valkyria Chronicles 4 can be intimidating for someone not familiar with war games. Anyone who has played the original Valkyria Chronicles or who is used to tabletop miniatures games will likely feel right at home. For everyone else, check out this guide. The difference between success and failure is usually as little as understanding how to use your units correctly.

Abuse scouts

Your scouts should always be your highest leveled troops. Why? Because they will be the stars of any map. Remember, you are ranked on how quickly you can complete your map objective. Scouts have the highest movement of any unit in the game, meaning they are what you will be using to complete maps quickly. Scouts can also take down any unit in the game provided that they are close enough to score nothing but headshots. Buffing a scout’s defense with accessories or orders will allow it to run through gauntlets of enemy tanks and shocktroopers, while buffing a scout’s movement will allow it to get from one side of the map to another in just one turn. If scouts aren’t the majority of your forces, you are doing something wrong.

Also abuse shocktroopers

Anything a scout can’t do a shocktrooper can. Shocktroopers have higher defense and attack but lower mobility than scouts, meaning they are bad at claiming objectives but great at clearing out enemies. If there is a gauntlet that a scout can’t Leeroy Jenkins through, send in a shocktrooper first to clear the way. Note, you never want shocktroopers to be moving long distances across the map, so if you find that your shocktrooper is running out of AP, switch to a scout to make your long distance moves.

Set up grenadiers near important bases

Grenadiers are useful in that they can fire explosives long distances. However, this isn’t their primary use. They are much more useful as defensive units because they will fire mortars at anyone who moves in their line of sight. Clustering up grenadiers in an important base will make it nearly impossible for any enemy outside of a tank to approach it. There will simply be too many grenades going off for them to move.

Use deployment to warp across the map

You shouldn’t always deploy your maximum number of units when starting a map. You will rarely have enough CP to move them all anyway. Instead, keep some important units in reserve and wait until you capture enemy encampments. You can then use CP to deploy from these locations, essentially warping your units across the map. If you find yourself overdeployed, order units that aren’t contributing to battle to retreat. You can then re-deploy them from a forward base, effectively warping them across the map at the cost of two CP.

Deploy all of your leaders in every battle

Pay close attention to your leaders in battle. Each leader comes with a CP bonus, so you’ll want to take all of them into every battle. It’s actually not a horrible idea to let your leaders stay back and chill in your main base so that you are never in danger of losing your CP from an untimely death. However, leaders are some of the best units in the game, and passing up their strengths just to keep your CP safe might end up making your forces weaker in the long run.

Don’t deploy lancers until you are sure that the opponent is using tanks

Lancers should be your least used unit. While their rocket launchers pack a bunch, they do next to nothing against infantry, which make up the majority of opponent’s that you will be facing. Bringing a lancer out in the beginning of a battle is a great way to waste a deployment slot, especially if the enemy’s forces have absolutely no tanks. Wait until you see a tank first before deploying a lancer. Then, make sure your lancer gets a clear shot at the tank’s engine in order to take it out in one hit. After the battlefield is clear of tanks, order your lancers to retreat. There’s just not much they can do if tanks aren’t involved.

Redeploy units saved by the medic

When a unit goes down, you have three turns to touch it with another unit in order to have the medic extract them from battle, otherwise they are dead permanently. For this reason, using the buddy system is a pretty decent strategy. Make sure there is always a scout within a move’s distance from any downed unit and they will rarely be in danger.

Once you have saved a unit with the medic, they will rest up and heal in your reserves. You can then deploy them in the very same battle that they went down in, on the next turn even! This is a great way to brute force certain enemy formations. Just rush a heavily armed troop into the middle, fire wildly, extract them with the medic, and call them back next turn to do it all over again.

Pair snipers with engineers

Snipers are absurdly powerful units that can clear most of a map without moving once. However, their major limitation is their ammo capacity. Snipers only get about three shots before they have to reload. They can do this by retreating back into your reserves, or by touching an engineer. Since snipers don’t usually have to move, it makes it easy for engineers to stay by them. It also means that your engineer will lay down covering fire if any enemy troop gets close enough to attack your sniper.

Always aim for the head

If you can’t hit an enemy unit in the head, it’s not worth attacking them. Enemies who take body shots tend to survive, and any enemy that survives counter-attacks. Your goal is to kill every enemy you engage with one attack and the only way to do that is to aim for the head. The game specifically lays out how many shots you need to land to kill an opponent and you’ll see it go down when you aim at the enemy’s head. Even if you have to get into point blank range to make sure the shots hit, it’s worth it just to ensure a kill.

You cannot get critical hits on crouching opponents

One of the most frustrating things an opponent can do is crouch behind cover. This makes them completely resistant to critical hits, meaning you likely will be unable to kill them in one turn with anything but a shocktrooper. If you come across an enemy like this, consider throwing your grenade at them. It will either kill them in one hit, or force them to stand so that another unit can take them out.

You don’t have to kill enemies in a fort to capture it

Speaking of grenades, they are actually one of the best tools to use when capturing enemy forts. Many times forts will be lined with tons of crouching enemy troops making it difficult for any of your units to approach or score kills. However, throwing a grenade inside the fort will cause these crouching enemies to not only stand, but get blown out of the fort. You can then move in with a scout and capture the fort without killing a single unit.

Use your vehicles as cover

In general, there’s not a whole lot of reason to use your tanks. Once again, you are graded on how fast you can complete maps and tanks are very slow. Yes, they can stand up against other tank fire, but so can lancers. Your APC is a bit more useful, as it can move troops into the middle of high fire zones safely.

The main reason you want to use both vehicles, however, is to set up mobile cover both on offense and defense. A vehicle can block line of sight and thus block all intercepting fire from enemy units. Bullets will basically bounce right off them, so feel free to pull right up in front of shocktroopers, scouts, and snipers. You can then have your own units come out from behind to wipe out the enemy. You can even have your grenadiers chuck explosives over your vehicles if you want to be really sneaky. Then, when the enemy comes to attack you they will have to spend precious time running around your vehicles, time which exposes them to more intercepting fire.

If you have nothing to do, use Ragnaid

Each of your troops comes with their own Ragnaid which allows them to self-heal. You’ll spend many turns doing nothing but moving troops into position. During these turns, consider using Ragnaid to heal up. It’s better for your troops to be at full health if possible and it’s similarly better for you to spend your actions actually doing something rather than just moving.

Pay attention to potentials

Units are made by their potentials. They have a series of triggers that can give them buffs in the right circumstances. In the beginning of the game most potential are negative. However, playing through side chapter will flip many of these negative potentials into positive potentials.

Units also have a list of other units that they like. Pay attention to this as well. Liked units are more likely to perform combo attacks when in proximity to each other, so you’ll usually want to move them as a unit.

Save pretty much every turn

Valkyria Chronicles 4 lets you save scum as much as you like. Save before every turn in battle. Heck save before every action in battle. If you miss a shot, just reload and try again. If an enemy turn goes poorly, just reload to the turn before and try setting up your troops in a different way. The game expects you to have a ton of saves ready just in case the worst comes to pass, so make good use of those save slots.

That’s all the advice we have for your today. Now get out there and show those imps who’s boss.