Ubisoft details the free and paid content coming to Watch Dogs 2 in the coming months

Despite a somewhat shaky launch, Watch Dogs 2 is still going strong and now Ubisoft has revealed the new content players can expect over the next few months.

According to a new post on the UbiBlog, the Showdown competitive multiplayer mode which was originally going to be included in Watch Dogs 2’s No Compromise DLC will now be offered to all players for free, since Ubisoft wants as many players playing the mode as possible. The No Compromises DLC will launch first for PlayStation 4 on April 18 and then a month later on May 18 for Xbox One and PC.

Below is a full roadmap of what’s included in the No Compromise DLC and what will be added to Watch Dogs 2 for free in April, May, and June.

No Compromise

  • New ‘Moscow Gambit’ DedSec operation
  • Six new single-player race time trials with leaderboards
  • Police, Fireman, and Paramedic outfit/vehicle sets which each allow the player to perform unique actions on NPC’s
  • Two new non-lethal weapons: the Air Shotgun and Sniper Stun Rifle

Free April Content

  • Showdown PvP mode
  • Multiplayer support for Motocross, eKart, and Drone races
  • New Armored Truck Hijack activity that can be played either solo or via online co-op
  • A new non-lethal weapon: the Paintball Rifle
  • 13 new clothing items

Free May Content

  • A seamless PvP modifier for the Armored Truck Hijack activity
  • A new seamless PvE event
  • Improvements and fixes for the leaderboard interface, Bounty Hunter PvP mode, and more

Free June Content

  • Support for 4-player groups to freely explore the game world and undertake activities together
  • More improvements and fixes

The No Compromise DLC is included in Watch Dogs 2’s season pass, and it will also be available for individual purchase when it launches next month.