Top Upcoming VR games of 2021

We’re on the doorstep of 2021 and the future is looking bright for VR. There are a ton of upcoming games to keep an eye out for and we’ve got a list of the ones that deserve a spot on your wishlist.

Hitman 3 – IO Interactive

The adventures of Agent 47 are making the leap into VR exclusively on PlayStation VR and one would hope eventually to PC. Hitman 3 looks like it’ll carry on the winning formula of the more recent installments of the game – which is great news for VR players. Hitman is all about mastering the environment and exploring multiple paths to your target; perfect for VR.

The big question remains – when will we get a look at PSVR 2? Rumors continue to swirl around the gaming industry but beyond Hitman we haven’t heard much about Sony’s VR plans. With their new console out and big banner games like Resident Evil 8 (7 had VR support) on the way, gamers continue to wait with bated breath for any hints about upgraded hardware.

Sniper Elite VRRebellion

Sniper Elite will make the jump from flat-screen to VR at some point and hopefully, it’ll be in 2021. Sniping has always been tricky in VR which is why we need a game built from the ground up for it so other studios can learn how it's done. That and those x-ray kills are going to look especially brutal in VR.

Vertigo 2 – Zulubo Productions

The sequel to the very excellent Vertigo is on the way and fans of Half-Life will want to take note. The game’s creator, Zach Tsiakalis-Brown, is a Valve alum and something of a prodigy. Not only did he design Vertigo but also did the very excellent soundtrack for the game. Vertigo 2 will no doubt be packed with all the wit, charm, humor, and excellent level design as its predecessor.

Low-FiIris VR Inc

There’s one thought I had playing Cyberpunk 2077: “man, this should have been a VR game.” While the very highly anticipated RPG fell short of expectations there’s still hope that Low-Fi can scratch gamers’ cyberpunk itch.

Leaning heavily on Bladerunner, you play as a cop walking (and flying) the mean streets of a futuristic dystopia. Will you uphold the law? Or abuse it for your own gain? With crimes to solve or commit yourself, Low-Fi is shaping up to be a slice of VR heaven.


There’s a handful of options when it comes to VR-racing experiences but nothing quite accessible to a general audience. Z-Race may be the game that changes that as it looks like a slick combo of Wipeout and Forza. The polish on this game is off the charts so at the very least expect a visual feast.

Ryte – The Eye of Atlantis – Ebim Studios

Ryte looks like solid action/adventure fun putting you in the shoes… er… sandals of an Atlantean. You’ll explore the ancient city, solve puzzles, and experience an epic story ala Assassin’s Creed.

Eternal StarlightWhite Noise Games

While it doesn’t have an official release date yet, Eternal Starlight is worth a wishlist for any RTS fan. What’s more, is its boasting support for the very cool finger tracking on Oculus Quest II. If you’re familiar with games like Homeworld then you’ll recognize Eternal Starlight’s approach to space RTS. If this is your kind of game, take note of Battlegroup VR, out now.

Blunt ForceMonad Games

Take the mind-bending visuals of Inception and pack in the action of Saving Private Ryan and that’s basically Blunt Force. Your character suffers a head injury in World War II and as you play the past and present bleed together, forcing you to shift between them.

It’s a neat concept with lots of potential, let’s see where this one lands when it hopefully hits in the next year.

The Break InJorgen Games

If you’ve ever wanted to go on a virtual crime spree with your friends then this is the game to watch out for. The Break In is like Phasmophobia but instead of ghosts, you’ll be hunting laptops, TVs, and whatever valuables you can purloin. While still early in development, the concept has already caught a lot of people’s attention on Reddit. Could it be the next big indie hit? Let’s hope so.