Top five fitness apps for Oculus Quest

Let’s get this out of the way: Fitness isn’t everyone’s bag. It definitely hasn’t been mine, especially with the new normal of working from home and closed gyms all over the country. It’s been difficult for me to get back into a workout routine, and the notches in my belt have noticed. Standing in my living room lifting a dumbbell or doing burpees for an interminable amount of time while someone in a Youtube video yells at me is not my style, but luckily my trusty Oculus Quest has freed me from that.

The Quest and its ability to act as a magical portable to somewhere I’d rather be is the perfect motivational tool to get you off the couch and working up a sweat if you’re anything like me. I know you are. Here are my top five fitness apps for the Oculus Quest, with a little something in there for everyone.

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Thrill of the Fight

Boxing combines a bunch of things to make it one of the best ways to increase your heart rate: constant movement of your feet, ducking and weaving away, and the satisfaction that comes from punching someone square in their face.

In Thrill of the Fight, you have the option to train on different boxing-contraptions (can you tell I’m not an expert?) or to hop in the ring with a number of different opponents. This one was one of my favorites because, while I knew I was getting a workout, the need to win each match beat the pulp out of my laziness and kept me moving around longer than I might have without that element. Make sure to confiscate the phones of any roommates because this game definitely makes you post-worthy.

Rec Room

Rec Room is full of awesome options to play with your friends, but nothing gave me quite the workout that their dodgeball minigame did. Make sure you have a big enough play area or else you will run headlong into a wall trying to get out of the way of a well-aimed throw. It has all the benefits of the dodgeball you played as a kid, except your friends can’t cheat and pretend like they didn’t get hit.


Superhot is a staple of the entire VR world and it was the reason many people bought a Quest in the first place. You all probably know the deal by now, but if you aren’t familiar, you’re basically a mix of John Wick and Neo, and you’re tasked with killing a bunch of red geometric guys in creative ways with a variety of weapons.

I wasn’t originally going to include Superhot in this roundup until my one day after a long session of throwing knives at glowing red dudes, my girlfriend said, “Wow, you’re super sweaty after playing that game.” She was right, and the next time I played I decided to wear my Fitbit, and after both getting my 30 minutes of daily exercise in and burning over 400 calories, I knew I had to include it. Plus, it makes you feel so cool.

Beat Saber

No list of Oculus Quest apps that get your blood pumping would be complete without Beat Saber. Another classic of the VR world, Beat Saber is like Dance Dance Revolution, except you cut things with lightsabers to music instead of just dancing to weird electropop. Much like DDR, I am also terrible at Beat Saber because despite playing the drums in a past life I have absolutely zero rhythm. That makes this one a bit more frustrating for me to play which might help it raise my heart rate. Beat Saber is great cardio, especially for anyone who loves rhythm games and the quest for a perfect score, and with new music packs being released consistently, it’ll be tough to get bored of the workout.


Did you like Beat Saber, but maybe you want a bit more of a full-body challenge? OhShapes takes the rhythm elements of Beat Saber and adds the challenge of moving walls that have cutout shapes of poses that you have to match in time. This game kicked my butt, between trying to match the rhythm, strike the floating markers, and make a variety of poses in rapid succession. OhShape lacks the variety of Beat Saber, especially in the audio department, and it feels a bit more fitness-y, but if you don’t mind that, OhShape will give you one of the best full-body workouts on this list.

Hopefully, this list helps you find the motivation to get moving, take care of yourself, and fight the negative effects of sitting around more than usual. These have helped me feel a little bit more normalcy in some very odd times, and maybe they’ll give you the same feeling. Plus, what’s better than feeling like Rambo without having to get punched back?