Top 5 Game of Thrones mods that let you make your own ending

Game of Thrones may have come to a somewhat lackluster finale for dedicated fans of the series, but the good news is that there are a lot of talented modders out there that have dedicated a significant portion of their lives to recreating Westeros in their favorite games.

So, let’s talk about the top five Game of Thrones mods that let you make your own choices in a world of dragons and very real, often deadly consequences. You might not get the ending you expect, but there’s no doubt that these mods will give you a chance to step right into the history of Westeros and carve out your own ending to one of the greatest stories ever told.

Mount & Blade: Warband -- A World of Ice and Fire

Game: Mount and Blade Warband

Via Mod DB

By produno

Mount and Blade: Warband has more than a few Game of Thrones mods to its name, but if you’re looking for the most authentic Game of Thrones experience look no further than Mount and Blade: Warband – A World of Ice and Fire.

A World of Ice and Fire drops you right into a Mount and Blade style adventure modeled perfectly to fit the world of Westeros. It’s cold, it’s brutal, and it replicates the lore and scope of the Game of Thrones universe as much as it can on the Mount and Blade engine.

Mount and Blade is a hybrid strategy action RPG, which means that it blends your traditional top down strategy game with a punishing hack and slash medieval RPG. So not only do you get to rub shoulders with characters pulled directly from the book and the show, but you get a chance to build up your own army and pitch it against or for any faction you choose. Or as always, you can strike out as a fresh house and make your own claim for the Iron Throne.

As a bonus, you can choose to build the world using information and lore directly from the books or the show, which allows you to choose between following the events on the big screen or staying true to George R.R. Martin’s lore in the books. It’s a small difference, but a dramatic one that many disappointed fans of the series finale will likely enjoy.

That said, approach this mod with a fair bit of caution. Mount and Blade: Warband – A World of Ice and Fire earned its spot on this list partly because of its punishing, realistic difficulty, which replicates what it would be like to try and rise in the world of Westeros with nothing but your wits and your weapons.  

You can read more about our experience with the mod here

Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms – Westeros: Age of Petty Kings

Via Mod BD

Game: Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms

By: bertio5

This is one of the only mods on our list that doesn’t occur around or during the War of the Five Kings. That said, the Westeros Age of Petty Kings mod for Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms earned its spot on this list because it’s set long before the start of the books and the show.

Before Aegon had conquered much of anything much less unified the houses into the Seven Kingdoms we know and love, there was a lot of bloody fighting that this mod does its best to recreate true to George R.R. Martin’s vision.

Westeros: Age of Petty Kings allows you to forge your way through a Westeros in its infancy, sending armies after the ancestors of Lannisters and chasing down raiders from beyond the wall with brutal efficiency.

Installing this mod puts you in command of the armies of ancient Westeros in true Total War fashion and allows you to build the empire you want to rule while navigating the Game of Thrones with troops, gold, and raw military prowess.

It takes a lot of swords to forge an iron throne, but mod author bertio5 wanted to make sure that you had everything you needed to build a house that’ll outlive the petty squabbles of Targaryen’s and Baratheon’s alike.

Civilization V – A Mod of Ice and Fire

Game: Civilization V

Via Steam Workshop

By: VirtuaBoza

VirtuaBoza’s A Mod of Ice and Fire is a massive overhaul of Civilization V that brings Firaxis’ unique turn-based gameplay to George R.R. Martin’s world of dragons and white walkers. As you would expect, this mod features a realistic map of Westeros as well as several civilizations built around the different houses and factions from Game of Thrones. The goal is to play out your own careful plot to push your faction forward despite the many other houses allied against you.

These factions range from Petyr Baelish in the Vale to Drogo with his Dothraki Khalasar, and each is meant to play dramatically differently in ways that you would expect from each character in the series. If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones, and already horribly addicted to Civilization V like most of the known world, this mod is a natural fit.

So load up your favorite house and play out a deadly Game of Thrones the way only Civilization can. Who care’s how the eighth season ended when you can write your own story in Civ V?

Seven Kingdoms: Total War

Game: Total War: Attila

Via Mod DB

By: Seven Kingdoms Development Team

Total War has a long history of realistic, historic strategy games that require a careful balance of tactics, infrastructure, and politics if you want to succeed. As you might expect, it’s a formula that adapts well to Game of Thrones, where massive armies live or die based on the wit and guile of the commanders behind them.

Seven Kingdoms: Total War is a complete overhaul mod for Total War: Attila that allows you to field hundreds of units from Game of Thrones in massive pitched battles. This is a Game of Thrones mod for people that love the art of warfare and tactics and that want a chance to pit Lannister armies against Starks in battles pulled straight from the books or wild combinations that only happen in George R.R. Martin’s darkest nightmares.

The Seven Kings Development Team has a lot of factions under their belt for you to play with from Dothraki to Tully, all of which are populated by units painstakingly recreated to match the lore. It’s a huge project and although you’re limited to custom battles for now, it’s more than enough to let you smash armies together like a true lord of Westeros.

Crusader Kings 2—A Game of Thrones

Game: Crusader Kings 2

Via Mod BD

By: CK2:AGOT Development Team

A Game of Thrones for Crusader Kings 2 is a mod for those who want an authentic way to play a Game of Thrones through the manipulation of resources and power rather than with the brute strength of your sword swinging arm.

Crusader Kings 2 – A Game of Thrones gives you a chance to dive deep into the intrigue and politics of Westeros the way only Crusader Kings 2 truly can. Expect to be holding grudges and blood oaths, negotiating with Lannister’s and Tyrells, and in general exploring every possible political “what if” scenario available.

In the words of the CK2:AGOT Development Team: 

“What if Robb captured King’s Landing? What if Stannis and Renly joined forces against Joffrey? What if Rhaegar Targaryen had killed Robert on the Trident instead of the other way around? All these things can, and may, happen in the mod, with or without the player’s choice. No game will ever be the same, whether you win or you die.”

As a bonus, you get to choose where in the timeline of Westeros to start your adventure, ranging anywhere from 300 years before Aegon took the field to the beginning of Feast for Crows, the fourth book in the series.

It's a tantalizing feast for fans of the series that want to really dive into the nitty gritty details of Game of Thrones and truly the ultimate way to carve out your own chapter in the history of Westeros.

Honorable Mentions:

Age of Empires 2: HD Edition – War of the Five Kings

Via Steam Workshop

By: steffplays

Mount & Blade: Warband – A Clash of Kings

Via Mod DB

By: Cozur