Tony Hawk's Pro Skater making a comeback in 2015

The Tony Hawk's Pro Skater franchise has been a little dormant as of late, following a couple of less-than-satisfactory motion-based entries (Ride and Shred) and an HD release of the original game that started it all. However, according to the retired skateboarding master himself, it won't be too long before we see it again.

Hawk proclaimed on his Twitter feed that a new Tony Hawk game was indeed in the works, set for release on both the console and mobile front sometime next year. Activision confirmed the news shortly thereafter, although it didn't provide any further details outside of a release next year.

For years, the Tony Hawk franchise has been quite an addiction to fans, capturing the glory of skateboarding with the combination of a score-based system that, with enough skill, could build into the millions.

Here's hoping that the next title in the series reverts back to the old-school ways of Tony Hawk, rather than something that resembles, well, Ride.