Tokyo Game Show 2020 Day 1 and 2: Virtua Fighter, Monster Hunter, NieR Replicant, and more

Tokyo Game Show presentations have a slightly different format from E3, Gamescom, and other major gaming events. Instead of taking the form of a keynote where a major AAA developer presents trailer after trailer with new game info, it takes more of the form of a Japanese talk show, with a large panel of presenters meandering from topic to topic more casually. It’s a great way to get more info about stuff tangential to the video game industry, such as anime adaptations of your favorite games, soundtracks going on sale, special events being held, etc., but it also kind of buries the lede for all the major hype announcements.

For example, Square Enix had info to give us about Dragon Quest, Kingdom Hearts, and Final Fantasy XVI, but their presentation had two solid hours of Densha de GO!! Hashirou Yamanote-sen content, a Japanese only train simulator game, and barely a few minutes of content for all their other titles. While it’s kind of neat to see this series, which hasn’t seen a proper console release in 10 years, finally make its way out of the arcades and into Japanese homes, the international crowd hasn’t heard of it and doesn’t care.

So yes, we waded through four days of banter, old trailers, and Japanese only release announcements to bring you the biggest announcements that you will probably care about.

Virtua Fighter 6 is being “restarted”

Here’s another problem with the TGS “talk show” style of presentation. A lot of the information given isn’t rehearsed and is more casually mentioned, and that can lead to getting wires crossed. For example, Sega announced that they will be “restarting” Virtua Fighter, and with this announcement came a small teaser of the main character, Akira, rendered in new graphics, before a sizzle reel of mostly e-sports shots.

Truth be told, we aren’t quite sure what this means. Rumors have been flying around the internet for a while about the production of a Virtua Fighter 6, and the greater fighting game community seems to believe this means Virtua Fighter is going to be getting a reboot of some sort. All we can definitively tell you is that something with Virtua Fighter will be happening in the near future.

New Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity trailer and save import details

We got a brand new look at the gameplay of this new Hyrule Warriors game including three characters, Link, Impa, and Daruk. Link seems to be an overall balanced character who has access to all of the abilities he had from the original Breath of the Wild such as stasis and bombs. Impa is a fast, ninja-like character, who was an old woman in BOTW and is a young warrior here. Finally, Daruk is a large bruiser carrying the Bounlder Breaker weapon in one hand. It’s worth noting that Impa, Druka, and the entire cast have access to Link’s special runes such as Mangesis and Cryonis, but they all do something different depending on which character you are playing.

Gameplay largely proceeds as you might expect from a musou title, with characters chaining light, heavy, and special attacks together to clear huge swaths of enemies. Sometimes, harder enemies like the Guardians show up and they have to be taken down in traditional Zelda puzzle style, revealing their weak point and attacking it after memorizing their patterns.

Finally, anyone with BOTW save data on their Switch will get a free wooden training sword and pot-lid shield, which have a chance to auto-parry attacks. Pre-ordering the game will get you a soup ladle, which is a standard weapon but when paired with the pot-lid can enhance other weapons and items. These items might be sold normally as DLC after the game’s release on November 20 this year.

Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires Announced

Speaking of musou games, Koei Tecmo announced the latest entry in the original musou series, Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires. You might be wondering what’s up with this, as Dynasty Warriors 9 was already released. Well, every Dynasty Warriors title has a standard title and an Empires version which combines its musou style gameplay with strategy elements. This does mean that some changes needed to be made, however. Dynasty Warriors 9 was an open-world title and Empires will be more mission-based, though those missions will be much larger than before.

The game will also be developed with a focus on co-op. Every version will have online co-op while the Switch version will have exclusive local wireless co-op. In addition, PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC versions will take advantage of next-gen graphics technology to allow thousands of units to be rendered on-screen at once. Finally, Empires will include a new and enriched character edit function which will give you more control over creating your own, custom, officer.

Major look at Monster Hunter Rise

A nearly 40-minute long gameplay demo of Monster Hunter Rise was given, with a focus on the game’s more freeform movement. There is a bit of a Breath of the Wild feel to this title, as players seem to be able to climb buildings, mountains, and just about anything they like if they have the right climbing gear. That gear is the new Wirebug grappling hook, an ability which can be used twice before a cooldown unless you find a wild Wirebug to recharge it. Capcom said this new freedom of movement will allow them to hide new secrets all over the map, however, the Wirebug isn’t just a mobility tool. It can also be used to stun or counterattack enemies in combat.

Most of the new elements of the game are being approached as giving the player new ways to interact with the Monster Hunter world. For example, the Palamute companion can be used as a mount or as a battle companion. While mounted, the player will be able to climb to different locations that they wouldn’t normally be able to. They can also use items without stopping or using stamina.

NieR: Replicant Ver. 1.22474487139… dated

NieR: Replicant Ver. 1.22474487139… aside from having quite literally the worst subtitle of any video game ever, is coming to the west in April 2021. It is halfway between a remake and a remaster, with all the game’s graphics and systems being replaced and upgraded, but the gameplay and story staying largely the same… we think. Shortly after the TGS presentation, Square Enix said that Yoko Taro would prefer that people look at this as a “totally new and unrelated” game title for NieR, which makes us think some sneaky FF7R plot twists are going to come our way.

We also got a new trailer for NieR Recarnation, the upcoming Nier mobile game that, yes, is canon to the Nier timeline, along with several looks at new NieR merchandise, including a fantastic looking collectible figurine.        `

More Details about Disgaea 6 Revealed

A solid 23-minute gameplay video of the upcoming Disgaea 6 from Nippon Ichi software was shown off, primarily focusing on the new 3D graphics and the genuinely absurd numbers you are dealing with in this game. Remember, the maximum level you can reach is 99,999,999 so… you are in for a bit of grinding.

Luckily, Disgaea 6 includes a bunch of functions to make that grinding easier. For example, there are new auto-play and speed-up options, and you can unlock new options like this by progressing through the game and unlocking secrets. You can use the cheat menu to up your experience, and then set the game to auto-play your favorite level at 64x normal speed! You can customize the AI of your team to prioritize things like XP gain, item gain, survival, and more. Who says grinding has to take a lot of time and effort?

NiS president Sohei Shinkawa says that he hopes that they can convert Disgaea 6 to a more modern gamer sensibility. The original Disgaea was developed to allow dedicated gamers to sink hundreds of hours of their life into it, but modern mainstream gamers simply don’t have that sort of time. He hopes that the new systems will allow players to grind to their heart’s content in the background while they read manga, study for a test, do their daily work, and so on. Disgaea 6 is a game that is meant to exist alongside your life, not just as a distraction from it.

A closer look at Scarlet Nexus

Yet more details were given about Bandai Namco’s new action RPG project Scarlet Nexus. This “brain punk” story is looking more and more like a sci-fi Tales game with a Persona aesthetic. We were introduced to a new character, the primary antagonist, who is also playable! It appears you can experience the story from two different points of view.

Your major psychic power is telekinesis, allowing you to levitate objects and yourself around the battlefield. However, you will fight alongside other characters, each with their own psychic specialties such as pyrokinesis, super strength, teleportation, and more. These characters will aid you in battle and you can also briefly borrow their powers to heighten your own abilities. There is also a small social game to partake in, allowing you to learn more about your party, grow closer to them, and grant them new abilities in the process.

Finally, Bandai Namco is going back to their old habits of partnering with a popular Japanese band to do the intro music for their games. In this case, it’s Dream In Drive by the Oral Cigarettes, and we got a full trailer/music video.

A look at The Medium’s antagonist

The Medium was only touched on briefly at the show, with very little info given about gameplay. However, we did get a new story trailer. This gives us a look into the origins of the antagonist, The Maw, voiced by Troy Baker.

R-Type Final 2 gets another trailer

The continuation of this classic shoot-em-up experience comes after almost a decade’s hiatus. This trailer gives us a look at new customization options, new stages, and even a look at the voice-acted pilots. R-Type Final 2 is slated for release at some unspecified time in 2020 and will hit on all current and next-gen consoles as well as Steam.

Konami is… doing something?

If you thought that Konami was basically out of the gaming industry in favor of pachinko machines, honestly no one would have blamed you. However, Konami really is making a new console RPG based on the manga Eden’s Zero. They will also be making a brand new mobile game with social and gacha elements. This one’s mostly for the Japanese audience, but it’s still significant to know that Konami basks in the game dev game.

Phew. It’s hard to cram all the major announcements of a four-day major game expo into one article, so come back for part 2 where we look at some new RPGs, DLCs, ports, and more.