Titanfall 2 will get Frontier Defense co-op mode later in July

Respawn Entertainment has unveiled the next major content update for Titanfall 2 which is titled Operation Frontier Shield. Chief among the new features that will be included in the update is the return of the popular Frontier Defense co-op mode from the original Titanfall.

For Titanfall 2, Frontier Defense is seeing a major revamp. The mode, which involves a team of four players defending a large harvester from increasingly difficult waves of AI enemies, will include four different difficulty levels, five different maps (with more to come), a variety of different enemy types, a between-rounds fortification system that will let players purchase helpful upgrades and environmental traps, and a new form of Titan progression called Aegis Ranks which will help players prepare themselves for harder difficulty levels.

Also included in the Operation Frontier Shield update is a returning competitive map, Rise, from the original Titanfall, a new Live Fire map called Township, new Elite Warpaints for weapons and Titans which will grant bonus XP, and more. Full details can be found via this post on the Titanfall 2 website. Operation Frontier Shield will go live on July 25. You can watch a trailer for the update below.