Titanfall 2’s Postcards from the Frontier DLC is now live

Respawn is continuing to pump out new free content for Titanfall 2, with the latest content drop, Postcards from the Frontier, becoming available as of today.

According to this post on the Titanfall 2 website, Postcards from the Frontier includes the following additions:

  • A series of Elite weapon skins that grant a stacking chance (up to 30 percent) of earning a Double XP token upon match completion for each skin a player owns. Completing a match with an Elite skin equipped also grants a free extra Merit to you and your teammates.
  • A new ‘Hole in the Wall’ Pilot execution that can be earned by killing five enemy pilots while the Amped Wall ability is active.
  • A new Livefire map called Uma.
  • Three new maps for Frontier Defense: Drydock, Exoplanet, and Angel City

While the new maps and Pilot execution are free, the Elite weapon skins must be purchased. Each skin costs $4.99 and a bundle of all eight skins will run you $24.99. However, those who want the skins are encouraged to act fast since they’ll only be available until September 26.

You can watch a new trailer for the Postcards from the Frontier DLC below.