Those Who Remain: How to get all three game endings

Platforms: PC (reviewed), PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

As we noted in our recent review, it takes a certain kind of player to really appreciate Camel 101’s new indie horror game Those Who Remain (i.e. one who doesn’t mind frustratingly tedious puzzles and low-quality graphics). Still, despite the game’s uneven presentation, it does have some replay value thanks to its short runtime and the presence of three separate game endings.

Earning each of these three endings naturally involves meeting certain criteria, and we’ve gone ahead and listed out the criteria below. All of the endings and major decisions peppered throughout Those Who Remain also have an associated Trophy/Achievement, so if nothing else taking the time to unlock all three endings will at least pad your gamer profile’s accolades score.

Good Ending

At several points during your Those Who Remain playthrough, you’ll be asked to either forgive or condemn an NPC after witnessing the role they played in the wrongful death of a teenage girl. The game seems to imply that certain people (like the boy Mark) deserve forgiveness, while others (like the police chief who purposefully covered up his son’s involvement in the girl’s death) should be condemned.

That’s apparently not the case. If you want the good ending you’ll need to forgive everyone, even those who clearly don’t deserve it. You’ll also need to spare/save the other NPC’s who aren’t attached to the forgive/condemn system (the man in the police car, the sawmill foreman, and the woman in the mail truck).

There’s really no nuance here. If you condemn even a single person, you’ll get the bad ending. What’s really odd is that the closing narration for the good ending talks about how “the guilty were punished and the innocent left alone,” but given what the game reveals about these characters, that doesn’t feel entirely accurate.  

Bad Ending

If you go by your gut feelings when deciding whether to condemn or forgive Those Who Remain’s NPC’s, chances are you’ll get the bad ending. As we said above, there’s really no nuance here, it’s pretty black and white. Even if you forgive the characters who are seemingly deserving of it and save/spare the other NPC’s, you’ll still get the bad ending.

For reference, in our playthrough we forgave Mark and condemned all the other NPC’s (police sheriff, postal worker, and fire station chief), we killed the guy in the police car, and we saved the sawmill foreman and the woman in the truck. Despite the somewhat even balance of mercy and justice we dispensed, we still got the bad ending. 

Nightmare Ending

You could also just call this “the other bad ending” since it unveils a similarly grim fate for protagonist Edward as the standard bad ending. However, unlocking the nightmare ending requires that you meet some specific conditions.

There is some debate over what exactly you must do to get the nightmare ending, but the general consensus is that if you make the following choices when it comes to condemning/killing or forgiving/saving NPC’s, you’ll be good to go:

  • Forgive Mark, the police chief, and the post office worker
  • Condemn the fire station chief
  • Kill the guy in the police car, the sawmill foreman, and the woman in the truck

And there you have it, all three endings for Those Who Remain. Taking the time to earn all three endings will also unlock every other Trophy/Achievement the game offers, which means you’ll have a spiffy new Platinum Trophy to add to your collection if you’re playing on PS4. The criteria for earning individual endings may not make a whole lot of sense, but if you’re looking for an easy way to add a bunch of Trophies/Achievements to your profile, Those Who Remain’s sub-five-hour runtime is certainly accommodating.

Those Who Remain is available now for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. A Nintendo Switch version is set to arrive later this summer.