These are the games Adult Swim will show off at PAX East

One look at the video game roster for Adult Swim Games booth at PAX East and you know they’re not playing around. Attendees, however, will get to do plenty of playing around thanks to a deep roster of titles. Here’s a quick rundown of what they’ll have in store!

Death’s Gambit

How about a game that begins with your character dying? Crazy, right? In Death’s Gambit, Death resurrects and makes a deal with a warrior: immortality in exchange for him killing gigantic bosses a la Shadow Of The Colossus.


Imagine a first-person shooter from the viewpoint of one of Pablo Picasso’s Cubist paintings on LSD and dripping with neon colors and lights. DESYNC is a fast-paced FPS that rewards players for creativity with what’s known as “attack sequences.” Blasting baddies is cool and all, but isn’t it cooler to blast them into a pit of spikes or giant swinging blades? Yes, it is!

Ghost Song

Matt White of Columbus, Ohio has spent the past few years as a one-man programming army working on his labor of love. Ghost Song combines elements of two of his favorite titles of all time: Super Metroid and Dark Souls. A few seconds with the gameplay videos and the influence is evident.


Have you ever asked yourself what it would be like to lose your head in space? If so, then Headlander is for you. The side-scrolling action game has a pretty ridiculous (yet interesting) premise, what with an astronaut’s head flying off his body, space helmet and all, and landing on other bodies to control them temporarily. You can even control a space dog! This game is worth checking out for the retro 70s graphics and art alone.

Katana ZERO

We’re not surprised to find at least one ninja game here. Katana ZERO is described as a neo-noir side-scroller thanks to some great colors and lighting. Gamers control a ninja who can slow down time and smack bullets back at his enemies, but also dies after just one hit from an enemy. Completing a level results in a security cam replay players can control and rewatch.

Rain World

Rain World is already popular thanks to its main character, the Slugcat, which combines the best parts of a slug and a cat. The character’s cute nature is in contrast to the world around him: ancient ruins crawling with creatures ready to snap it up for dinner. In this side-scrolling platformer, players have to navigate hundreds of stages in order to reunite the Slugcat with its family. It’s no easy feat thanks to the dozens of constantly evolving creatures around the ruins, as well as the dangerous rain that destroys nearly everything it touches.

Rise & Shine

Rise is a boy. Shine is his gun. Together, they blow stuff up in order to save their world via bullet-based puzzle solving! It’s yet another beautifully rendered and detailed side-scroller from Adult Swim with a unique twist on an old premise that we highly recommend getting your hands on.

Wasted: A Post-Apocalyptic Pub Crawler

Take a Nintendo Mii, draw him up in a style influenced by Borderlands, stick him in a world that spoofs Fallout, and you get Wasted: A Post-Apocalyptic Pub Crawler. We didn’t believe it when we saw it...and still kind of don’t, to be honest.