The Terminator joins Ghost Recon: Breakpoint for live event

Even though Ghost Recon: Breakpoint had a rough start last year, the folks at Ubisoft are not giving up on the game and moving forward with new content.

Beginning on January 29, the game will add new missions, characters, and enemies inspired by the 1984 film, The Terminator. The live event will feature a new story arc taking place in a new location in Auroa, and two new missions, one available on January 29 and the second on February 1.

The mission will feature a new character, Rasa Aldwin, a woman from the future, who players will have to rescue and then team up with to stop The Terminator’s plans. In addition to the new missions, T-800 cyborgs will join daily warfare and interception missions.

Along with the new experience will be rewards inspired by The Terminator including his punk outfit from the movie, new weapons, new vehicles, and Terminator-inspired packs that allow players to customize their characters to look like The Terminator or Kyle Reese.

The Terminator Live event will end on February 6.

Check out the trailer below: