Telltale’s Batman series will soon bring Harley Quinn into the mix

The second episode of the second season for Batman: The Telltale Series, an episode which is titled ‘The Pact,’ has been delayed slightly from its original September 26 release date to October 3. However, Telltale is making it up to fans (or perhaps making the extra waiting worse) by revealing a major new character who will show up in the second episode: former psychiatrist-turned-psychopath Harley Quinn.

For now, all Telltale has revealed is the above screenshot of the titular Miss Quinn holding one of her trademark weapons, a baseball bat with a custom paint job, but her ultimate goals and motivations remain a mystery now. Telltale has already proven it isn’t afraid to shake up the established Batman lore (Bruce Wayne and Joker can actually be friends, for example, if the player makes the right choices), so it will be interesting to see what role Harley Quinn ultimately falls into. Do she and Joker (known for now as simply “John Doe”) already know each other? Will Harley’s influence push John Doe to adopt his iconic clown persona? Anything’s possible at this point.

While you wait for ‘The Pact’ to arrive, the first episode of Batman: The Telltale Series’ second season, titled ‘The Enigma,’ is available right now, and it introduces yet another iconic Batman foe: The Riddler.