Techland teases new enemy types for Dying Light in latest video

Last month, Techland announced that Dying Light will be getting ten new DLC drops throughout the upcoming year, and that all of them will be free. However, before all that, a bonus eleventh DLC drop called ‘Content Drop #0’ will arrive first, adding in a new faction of enemies that players will have to contend with.

As you can see in the above teaser video, the new enemies appear to be a paramilitary mercenary faction armed with assault rifles, explosives, and other high-power weaponry. They also seem to be able to scale buildings and traverse rooftops, making their one major directive to “Kill Crane” (referring to Dying Light’s player-controlled protagonist Kyle Crane) all the more terrifying. Future DLC drops that are included in the upcoming year’s roadmap will add in features like new global events, new weapons, new quests to solve, and more.

A release date for Content Drop #0 hasn’t yet been announced, but Techland promises it will be released very soon.