System Shock 3 will feature SHODAN’s original voice actress

OtherSide Entertainment, a studio made up of people who worked on the original System Shock games, has officially begun active development on System Shock 3, and fans who were worried that the upcoming title will feature an unrecognizable version of the series’ iconic villain SHODAN need not worry.

Members of the OtherSide team include original System Shock creator Warren Spector, design director Sheldon Pacotti, tech director Jason Hughes, and art director Arturo Pulecio. OtherSide will also be consulting with several other members of the original System Shock team, including art director Nate Wells, creative director Paul Neurathm, lead designer Tim Stellmach, and game director Doug Church. Lastly, Terri Brosius, the voice actress who voiced the villainous AI SHODAN in both System Shock and System Shock 2, will be returning for System Shock 3.

A release window for System Shock 3 hasn’t been nailed down yet, but it will hopefully be ready for release in a year or two now that development has officially begun.