Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Who’s next to join the DLC Roster?

A ton of people have come forward “leaking” the remaining four DLC characters on the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC roster. Unfortunately, we have seen way more than four leaks. It’s obvious that a lot of these leaks have to be fake.

But instead of throwing them all out, let’s go over some of the most popular leaks and hopefuls to see if they really stand a chance to make the roster. You might be surprised when Nintendo finally does announce who gets the invite.

Characters who stand a chance


Yes, Mortal Kombat is ultra-violent and that doesn’t quite jive with Nintendo’s family friendly image. That’s exactly why Sub-Zero stands a chance. His entire move set can be translated over into Smash Bros. without any of the violence. Freezing projectiles, slides, ice puddles, ice clones, all of this can be put into a character without a trace of blood, unlike Scorpion’s harpoons which pretty clearly impale the opponent.

Even if Sub-Zero doesn’t get in, it’s clear that a Mortal Kombat entrant is highly probable to make the cut, especially with MK11 coming to the Switch. Fans have been wanting to see a Street Fighter versus Mortal Kombat fight for a while, and with the inclusion of Ryu and Ken in the roster, this might be their first chance. Nintendo would be nuts not to capitalize on that sort of hype.


Kingdom Hearts 3 has had a humongous launch in all territories. Despite more than a few flaws, fans adore this game, its characters, and its convoluted plot about light vs. darkness. Guess what else has a convoluted plot about light vs. darkness? Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

In my personal opinion, Sora would be the most fitting entrant from Square-Enix on the DLC roster. However, he might not have as high of a chance due to the next two entrants on our list.


So a dataminer mined the latest Smash Ultimate patch and found a number of placeholder names for DLC characters. Two were for Piranha Plant and Joker, but there was one more: brave. This, of course, is rather vague and doesn’t necessarily point to any one character. However, Smash Bros. game supervisor Kumazaki Shinya then posted several photos on Instagram of Kirby standing next to a shield, specifically “the Brave’s Shield” from Dragon Quest. This is the shield of Erdrick, the protagonist of Dragon Quest III and one of the most loved DQ protagonists in Japan.

This of course greatly increases Erdrick’s chances of seeing inclusion in the roster, even though he later altered his post to say that it means nothing and is just a hobby, but there is another possibility.

The Luminary

You see, the Brave’s Shield isn’t just Erdrick’s shield. It’s an iconic shield for all heroes of Dragon Quest. It seems unlikely that Square would want to showcase a character from a 31-year old game, especially with Dragon Quest XI S coming to the Switch soon. So instead of Erdrick, we might see The Luminary, DQ11’s protagonist take the slot instead.

Ryu Hayabusa

Ryu Hayabusa is another character that was leaked on a random message board, and while he is not the most likely, he does have some evidence for inclusion. First of all, Ninja Gaiden did start as an NES franchise. Second, we are coming up on the 30th anniversary of the franchise. Third, Ryu Hayabusa has a move set that can easily be made “family friendly” despite his current-day ultra-violent incarnations. Granted, I’d say other characters have a better chance than him, but he’s not someone we can rule out immediately.

Crash Bandicoot

Nintendo has always tried to get major video gaming icons into Smash Bros. The inclusion of Cloud made it clear that these characters do not have to have their start on a Nintendo platform. We have already seen the Mario vs. Sonic war play out in Smash Bros. but it feels unfair that Sony hasn’t gotten their chance. Crash is big right now both because of the recently released N-Sane Trilogy and the upcoming remake of Crash Team Racing, making his inclusion in Smash a perfect cross marketing opportunity.

Characters that are doubtful

Monster Hunter

Many have claimed that a Monster Hunter character would join the roster because Rathalos was included as a boss. It’s technically possible, however it’s unlikely that Capcom would have yet another entrant into the roster at this point. Not to mention, it’s unlikely that Nintendo would want to include a nameless character on their roster when there are so many other gaming icons to include.


Anyone who cites the inclusion of Rayman cites the success of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, and they have a point. Ubisoft and Nintendo get along quite well and have shipped a major AAA title together. However, I wouldn’t say that Ubisoft is really known for Rayman, despite him being their defacto mascot. He also doesn’t strike me as a character with a particularly unique move-set and we know that Nintendo is looking for characters that provide a unique gameplay experience.


A few months ago, Goku would have been on my “characters who stand a chance” list, but NintendoSoup dug up a ten year old interview where Sakurai said:

 “It is impossible for manga characters to join (Super Smash Bros.).

While we can accept characters from other companies, we cannot, under any circumstances, take in anything and everything under the sky. That’s because (Super Smash Bros.) is a game that requires everyone’s cooperation.”

Of course, this was ten years ago, and ten years ago we never thought we would see Cloud in Smash either. I think it would be an amazing idea to include Goku as a Smash character with the recent success of Dragon Ball FighterZ and the recent release of Jump Force, but we have to at least consider the possibility that Sakurai is sticking to his ten year old guns.

Characters who don’t stand a chance


Look, an anonymous leak said that Doomguy was going to get into Smash and honestly, none of it holds water. Yes, Doom Eternal is coming out this year and it’s launching on the Switch, but A) Doomguy doesn’t really have a move-set that can easily be translated into Smash Bros. terms and B) it’s really hard to divorce Doom from violence.

In addition, Nintendo has had a policy that all characters, even realistic ones, shouldn’t fire guns. This is why Bayonetta only ever uses her heel guns to fire energy blasts. Most of Doomguy’s arsenal is just pistols, shotguns, and the like. He seems like he would just be too hard to add to the roster.

Steve from Minecraft

This was another one that came from the same anonymous leak that mentioned Doomguy. Now, look, Minecraft is huge. However, it’s not an iconic Nintendo property and, I’d wager that its characters aren’t really iconic either. Yes, “Steve” can kind of be a stand in for any Minecraft character, as can “Alex” the female version, or even the rumored “Master Chief” skin.

However, this is another example of a character that doesn’t have a particularly interesting or stand-out move-set. Yeah, there is a lot of building tricks that Steve could do and the idea of creating permanent platforms on a Smash stage is certainly a mechanic that can be fooled around with, but I think it’s fairly obvious that Nintendo is adding third party characters with notable combat capabilities to the roster and Steve just doesn’t qualify.

Banjo and Kazooie

Many fans want Banjo and Kazooie to join the roster, and they would be a good fit. However, I think it’s specifically because they are such a good fit that they won’t be entering the roster. Nintendo has said that their next few DLC characters are all going to be unexpected third party entrants.

Banjo Kazooie is technically third party, but was made back when Rare was cooperating with Nintendo and technically still kind of stands as a mascot game for the N64. I think this makes this bear and bird too close to Nintendo to actually be considered for roster inclusion.


Look I’m going to do you guys a service. Just give up. When people first started requesting Geno, the N64 was the hot Nintendo console and Super Mario RPG had just come out. When Melee came out, people were upset that Geno didn’t make the cut because he seemed so obvious an inclusion in the N64 Smash.

When Brawl came out, people were upset Geno didn’t make it in because he seemed such an obvious inclusion in Melee… and so on… and so on. It’s easy to forget that Super Mario RPG came out 23 years ago. There’s no reason for Nintendo to promote it. There’s no reason for Square Enix to promote it. It’s a dead property and Geno isn’t going to be added to the roster. Sorry.

So who do you think has a chance to enter the Smash Bros. Ultimate roster? Let us know in the comments.