Super Mario Maker 2 to receive massive Version 2 update

Super Mario Maker 2 has been out for some time now, and it still hasn’t received a proper update. It’s certainly received a fair share of patches which, unfortunately, only seemed to patch out some of the more fun bugs and glitches that creators were using in their levels. This is the first time that we are receiving what should keep the Mario Maker community active for years to come…


Let’s take a look at what’s coming in the new update.


Spike is getting added to every theme in the game. For those of you who are not familiar with Mario enemies, Spike is a little green koopa-looking dude who barfs up spiked balls and throws them at you. Whereas normal Spike’s balls can trigger switches and break open question mark blocks, big Spike’s balls can destroy whole sections of a stage. In addition, any Spike’s put on snow levels will throw snowballs instead, which can be picked up and thrown back when safely jumped on. It’s worth noting that any spiked ball can be bounced on with a move that has the spin-jump property (including the Kuribo Shoe). Spike will likely have a lot of applications, especially when his A.I. is exploited.


This cactus enemy, first seen in Super Mario Bros 2 but popularized in Super Mario World, largely has his original mechanics intact. Mario cannot jump on him, so he has to resort to jumping over him (or running under him if Pokey is winged). Attacks can take out individual sections of Pokey, but killing the head kills everything. It appears as if you can make Pokeys of varying heights as well.

Like other enemies, Pokey has several different modes depending on what stage theme he is in. At night, he will fly instead of wiggle across the ground. He can be safely spin-jumped on, but once again you’ll need an attack like a fireball to kill him. If you give him wings he will home in on Mario.

In snow themed levels, Pokey will turn into a snowman with a bucket head. This actually allows him to be jumped on safely, producing a throwable snowball upon defeat. Pokey will be usable in all themes.

Frozen Coins

Frozen Coins are actually a bit of a misnomer. While they are, in fact, coins that are frozen, their real use is to be blocks that can melt when interacting with fire. Frozen coins act like normal ice blocks usually, but thaw out when hit by one of Mario’s fireballs, or any stage hazard that produces flame like a fire-bar, burner, or even the fireballs thrown by Piranha Plants and Bowser. Upon thawing, they just become normal floating coins.

This presents amazing opportunities for logic puzzles and gadgets. I also have the sneaking suspicion that these new coins might futz around with the “global ground” property in interesting ways.

Frozen coins can be used in every theme except the Super Mario 3D World theme.

P Blocks

P Blocks are another take on the two-state blocks that have been used so often in Super Mario Maker 2 stages. However, instead of switching states when an on/off switch is hit, they switch states when a P-Switch is hit. Just like two state blocks, you can place them either in a solid or intangible state when creating your level. P Blocks can be used in any style or theme.

Dash Block

The Dash Block is only available in the Super Mario 3D World style. Crossing over one immediately sends Mario into a mad dash forward, allowing him to run faster and jump longer distances for a brief period of time. The Dash Block also interacts with the Car power-up, immediately pushing it to top speed after contact.

The Master Sword

Once again the original Super Mario Bros. style is getting all the coolest toys. This style is now home to the Master Sword power-up. Picking it up will transform Mario into Link!

Link stands at the exact same height as small Mario, but can do much more. He can attack with sword strikes in front of him. He can guard against projectiles and stage hazards with his shield. He can fire arrows at three different angles as a projectile attack. He can also lay bombs both as an attack and as a way to break through portions of a level.

Link also has access to the Pegasus Boots, allowing him to dash and dash attack through enemies. He can also do a down-stab, similar to The Legend of Zelda 2, which cuts through even enemies with spikes. Items kept out of his reach can be collected if he uses his arrows.

In multiplayer mode, each different character will become a different color of Link from the Four Swords series.

Now if only we could get neat power-ups like this in other themes as well.

Ninji Speedruns

Let’s face it. One of the major appeals of Super Mario Maker 2 is speedrunning, so Nintendo just decided to integrate it into the game itself. In the new Ninji Speedrun mode, players will compete against each other to get the best time in Nintendo curated courses. Each of these courses will be available only for a limited time, but when you play them you will actually see every other player’s Ninji Ghost run alongside you. Clear enough courses and you will get badges which will allow you to unlock new costumes for your Mii. Get to the top of the leaderboards and you’ll even get gold stars to surround your Mii, showing you that you are a speedrun master.

Super Mario Maker 2 version 2 will launch on December 5th, 2019.