Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury: How to take down Fury Bowser and find all the Cat Shines

Each island has five hidden cat shine pieces

Many cat shines have to be collected sequentially. However, every island has five hidden cat shine pieces that, when collected, will reward you with a cat shine. These pieces can be collected immediately, with no further progress needed. If you are in need of another shine quickly, start hunting for these pieces.

Return to the entrance gate of islands after collecting a shine

Every time you collect a shine on an island, return to the starting gate. You may notice that new level elements have spawned and a new shine is available to collect. These new level elements will also make navigating each island a little bit easier, as they usually include new platforms and power-ups.

A hundred coins get you a power-up

There are no lives in Bowser’s Fury. Instead, a hundred coins earn you a power-up to store in your impressively large power-up bank. Each power-up is essentially two hit-points for Mario and if you collect enough you can damage boost your way through most dangers.

Bowser’s Fury makes certain shines easier to collect

While Bowser’s assault is supposed to make the game harder, it actually makes some platforming challenges easier. You might have to make some tricky jumps during the daytime to collect some shrines, but during Bowser’s assault, new platforms tend to show up that greatly simplify your acrobatic challenges. Of course, you’ll have to dodge Bowser’s attacks at the same time, but you can just damage boost through them.

If you want to keep Bowser asleep, wait before collecting shines

You can see how close Bowser is to awakening by observing his height in the background. If he has almost completely risen out of the water and there is rain in the sky, it means he is going to wake up soon. If you want to keep him asleep, just wait before collecting any shines. You can just chill out nearby until he wakes up and then collecting the shine will instantly put him back to sleep.

Wait by fury blocks for Bowser to awaken

Fury blocks always hide secrets and secrets usually lead to shrines. If you come across fury blocks in the daytime, considering just waiting nearby until Bowser awakens. His first few attacks will shatter them, granting you access to whatever secret they were covering up.

Climb to the top of each lighthouse

Each lighthouse has a shine that makes it start glowing. However, collecting this shine also opens up the path to the top of the lighthouse. Climbing to the topo not only grants you a power-up, it usually points you toward a shine that you missed somewhere else.

Use the map!

Unlike the rest of 3D World, Bowser’s Fury has a map much like Super Mario Odyssey. The map will flat out tell you where missing shines are, to use it to get to the right island and start looking.

Bowser Amiibos instantly summon Fury Bowser

Don’t want to wait for Bowser to throw a temper tantrum. Just scan a Bowser Amiibo of any sort and he will wake up instantly. Also, scanning a Bowser Jr. Amiibo will cause a pow-block explosion, taking out any enemies nearby.

Collecting more shines lower’s Bowser’s health

As soon as you unlock a giga bell you can take on Fury Bowser, however, you might want to stick around and pick up some more cat shines first. Each shine you collect reduces Bowser’s health a little bit more in the coming confrontation. Collecting far more than is needed will make him go down in only a few swipes of your cat claw.

Collecting more shines makes Bowser wake up more often

Conversely, the longer you wait to confront Bowser the more often he will awaken. While you might get quite a long time in the day before you unlock a giga bell, afterward you will notice more and more time is spent in the rain. He is essentially taunting you to come fight him.

Giga bells can be re-used in battle

In normal gameplay, Mario has an impressive power-up bank that can allow him to push through many dangers. In fights against Fury Bowser, however, it’s back to three hits and you are dead. Luckily, the giga bells that you unlock can actually be picked up in the middle of this battle to regain Mario’s Super Saiyan cat form. So if you find yourself one hit away from death, head to the islands to get back to fighting strength.

Beat the game before going for 100%

Finally, there’s no real reason to 100% the game before you reach the end. After beating it once, Bowser Jr. will mark your missing cat shines, making the map even more explicit. At that point, finding all 100 shines and getting the true ending should be a breeze.