Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury: Breaking down everything we saw in the new trailer

When Nintendo announced Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury we all wondered what Bowser’s Fury was. Now Nintendo gave us a brand new look at it via a new trailer and… frankly, we still don’t know. Still, we can comb through this trailer for hints as to what this new mode might actually play like when the game launches for Nintendo Switch on February 12, 2021.

New maps

Bowser’s Fury takes place on entirely new maps. The setting is an island called Lake Lapcat, which looks far more open than the levels of Super Mario 3D World. It might have a greater emphasis on exploration rather than straight out platforming. In several shots, we can see huge portions of the island off in the distance, which is very different from the largely linear levels in the Super Mario 3D World base game. As such, this might be more modeled after the Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Odyssey style of gameplay.

Cat-themed… everything

Just about everything on this island is cat-themed. There is the giant Giga Bell power-up in the middle of the island, of course, but many of the buildings are cat-themed as well. It also appears as if most if not all of the enemies are cat-themed. We saw Conkdors, Piranha Plants, Boomerang Bros., Spikes, Goombas, PomPoms, and more all with cat ears. It’s not particularly clear if they have different behavior patterns from their standard counterparts.

New collectibles

We saw Mario collect two different types of collectibles, cat emblems and some strange kind of cat shine. Note, that the standard green stars from the base game are nowhere to be found. At one point we see Mario locked out of collecting a cat shine so he may need to collect a certain amount of cat emblems before gaining access to these locations.

Bowser Jr.

Bowser Jr. seems to be following Mario around as a companion. It’s unclear whether or not he is simply an extension of Mario’s abilities or if he is a fully playable character. He does have his own suite of abilities though, from a clown car hover and ground pound to the ability to use his magic paintbrush to alter the landscape and reveal secrets.


Worth noting is that we don’t see Luigi, Peach, Rosalina, or Toad anywhere in this trailer. Super Mario 3D world was noted for its four-player multiplayer, but perhaps this add-on doesn’t actually allow you to play with friends. It does allow a second player to play along as Bowser Jr. but full four-player multiplayer does not seem to be supported.

Influences from Super Mario Sunshine

While Mario isn’t going to be dragging around Fludd anytime soon, there are clear influences from Super Mario Sunshine here. Parts of the island are covered in an inky black substance which Mario/Bowser Jr. seems to be able to clean up. In fact, it is exactly this substance that seems to be keeping the massive cat bell power-up and Bowser sealed.

An expanding island

The island itself is encircled by a ring of inky black oil. However, areas of the island we see covered in oil are later seen being explored in the trailer. It’s possible that this ink line will recede after major events, such as boss fights with…

Fury Bowser

“Bowser has gone berserk!” as Nintendo has said. After enough time passes Bowser awakens as a giant oil-stained kaiju with a deadly new fire breath. When he awakens, the whole island changes. New hazards appear, such as falling blocks of magma. Some enemies change to a corrupted state. We can actually see some corrupted Goombas in the trailer.

Note, this causes the layout of the island to change as well. We see Mario using the fallen magma spikes from one of Bowser’s attacks as a series of platforms. Fury bowser will continue to attack Mario for a certain duration of time before hibernating again, returning the island back to its peaceful state. Some areas will only be accessible when Bowser has awakened.

Giga Cat Mario

It appears as if the gameplay loop will involve collecting cat shines to unseal the massive Giga Bell, and then running over to the Giga Bell during Bowser’s fury state in order to become Giga Cat Mario. This Super Saiyan giant version of cat Mario will then likely fight Fury Bowser in a boss battle, though it’s not at all clear how he plays.

Returning power-ups

Many power-ups are returning aside from the standard catsuit. There’s the fire flower, boomerang flower, propeller box, Tanooki suit, and lots of interactable stage elements from fling springs to invisible walkways.

Noticed something in the trailer that we didn’t? Let us know in the comments.


Nintendo has revealed yet another trailer just a day later further breaking down the new features in this combo pack.

An overview of 3D World

Most of the game’s features will be returning. All the original power-ups, courses, and characters will be available from the start, including all the power-up boxes and the white Tanooki suit which can be used as a sort of easy mode. 


You can now play the original 3D world in online mode. One player will act as a host while up to three other players can connect remotely. Up to two players can play on the same system in an online play session. Unfortunately, progress will only ever be saved to the host’s save file.

Snapshot Mode

This new mode is how Nintendo is handling the stamp situation. Stamps used to be collected in Super Mario 3D World in order to be used in Miiverse. However, now they can be used in Snapshot mode, which is essentially a standard photo mode that you see in most games these days. Snapshot mode also comes with a bunch of filters to give your screenshots flair.


Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury is compatible with all current amiibo figures. The Cat Mario amiibo will give you an invincible white cat power-up while Cat Peach will spawn a random power-up. Both amiibos will be available on February 12.