Subscribe to Viveport Infinity, get a free copy of the Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners

This article is sponsored by HTC Vive.

If somehow you haven’t by now picked up a copy of the very excellent The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners then there’s a Halloween promotion that might interest you. Viveport Infinity is offering up a free copy of the game to all annual subscribers.

Now, if you were planning on getting the game anyway this would work out pretty well value-wise. Basically, subtract the cost of the game, $40, from the cost of the subscription, about $100, and you’re getting a year’s worth of content for around $60 and get to keep Saints and Sinners forever to boot.  “But what’s Infinity?” you might be asking. Great question.

Viveport Infinity is the only subscription-based gaming service in VR. Users pay either a monthly or annual fee for access to the library and it’s not only updated nearly every week with new content but has some of the biggest and best VR content on the market.

The Saints and Sinners offer is coming at a great time as we’re in the midst of peak spooky-season. Alongside Walking Dead, Infinity is showcasing their impressive list of horror titles that range from indie classics like Dreadhalls to AAA chillers like Paranormal Activity and Five Nights at Freddy’s. If you’re looking to sample the cream of the crop of VR horror, without putting a serious dent in your wallet, then Infinity is the way to go.

Not into horror? There’s bound to be something in the catalog for you and new stuff is getting added all the time. Games like L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files, Moss, I Expect You To Die, and Creed: Rise to Glory are just a few of the games you can play as part of the subscription. You could pay full price for those games if you really wanted to or you could spend far less on a subscription and get even more content. The numbers don’t lie. Just to buy those five titles you’d be dropping more than $100.

That’s pretty hard to beat for just $8.99 a month. It’s also worth pointing out that finding new content in VR can be a bit of a chore. To unearth hidden VR gems from the depths of the internet takes a ton of time either scrolling through Reddit or watching YouTube top-ten compilations. The conversation in both cases inevitably ends up being about something like Beat Saber

On the other hand, just a quick look at Infinity will turn up quality titles like Vox Machinae, Crisis VRigade, Layers of Fear VR, and Paper Beast. And that’s all just on the first page of the catalog. If you take the long view and imagine all the games that will be added to the service over the course of a year it’s a pretty easy call to make.  

Best of all, Infinity is hardware agnostic, meaning that it works with all the major headsets. If you’ve got an Oculus Rift-S or Valve Index there’s nothing to stop you from sampling the best VR has to offer without throwing down some serious money on software. If you need more encouragement here’s five hidden gems of VR gaming you can get as part of the catalog:

Battle Group VR

This interstellar RTS puts you on the bridge of your own space cruiser. You’ll use an impeccably designed 3D user interfaces to conquer the galaxy and become admiral of your own space fleet.

Containment Initiative

If you love zombie games then this one’s a no-brainer (pun definitely intended). While light on story it makes up for it in best in class shooting and a very satisfying slow-motion mechanic that lets you pop zombie domes to your heart’s desire. There are tons to unlock and you can even play local co-op with a second player.

Crisis VRigade 1 + 2

Bar-none these two games represent the best of old school arcade shooters with the interactivity of VR. You’ll shoot your way through legions of bad guys in a race against the clock ala Time Crisis and unlock some cool guns and powerups along the way.


Based on the HBO series and developed by Survios this is a great game for any fan of the show. While the series veered off into strange territory in later seasons, the game acts as a compliment to season one and hits all the right notes. It’s also got some of the best character models of any VR game.

Vox Machinae

The definitive mech-fighting game in VR puts you in the cockpit of a “grinder” and has you facing off against other pilots online. It’s by far one of the best-looking games out there and with tons of mechs to choose from (and weapons) you’ll get hours of fun battling it out.

There’s plenty more where that came from so be sure to give their games section a browse.

This article is sponsored by HTC Vive.