Street Fighter V’s final season 2 DLC character will be the ninja Zeku

Capcom has revealed the final roster addition for Street Fighter V’s second season of DLC fighters, confirming that the spot will go to the seasoned ninja Zeku.

Within the lore of Street Fighter, Zeku first appeared in Street Fighter Alpha II where he served as the mentor to fellow fighter Guy. In Street Fighter V, Zeku uses his unique Bushinryu style Ninjitsu to punish opponents up-close with quick combos and dashing attacks. In the below reveal trailer, viewers can also catch a glimpse of an alternate costume for Zeku which dresses him up as yet another famous Capcom ninja, Strider Hiryu.

Zeku will arrive in Street Fighter V on October 24, and he’ll be free for those who own the game’s season 2 character pass. Non-pass owners will also be able to buy him individually for $5.99.