SteelSeries launches new Arctis headsets line

At an event in Los Angeles on Tuesday, SteelSeries celebrated the launch of their new line of Arctis headsets. Along with music spun by DJ Mick and plenty of appetizers, guests were able to check out the new headsets with not only gaming setups but also watching movie clips and listening to music. So what makes them so special?

With this new line of headsets, SteelSeries set out to make headsets that can be used for more than just gaming. The headsets also provide quality sound for music and movies with a style and look that doesn’t look like you’re wearing a gaming headset in public.

“Arctis is not a gaming headset. It is a headset line for gamers,” said Ehtisham Rabbani, SteelSeries CEO. “That is how we approached the new audio line-up – with a fresh perspective as to who our customers really are and what they want. Brands have been distracting gamers for far too long with meaningless specification races and options that encourage spending more in order to get gaming-level quality. Arctis changes that.”

The headsets are available now on the Steel Series website. Check out the specs below: