Star Wars video games to come under Lucasfilm Games banner

Back in the 1980s, as the original Star Wars trilogy was blowing up, George Lucas licensed the characters and the stories of the films to various video game developers. The licensing entity or banner was called Lucasfilm Games. As the game industry grew, and the Star Wars licensing deals expired, Lucas decided to create his own video game development studio and launched LucasArts in the 1990s under the Lucasfilm umbrella.

LucasArts not only developed and published Star Wars games, but classic adventure games like Monkey Island and Grim Fandango. Once Disney bought Lucasfilm in 2012, the company shut down LucasArts and began to license out the Star Wars IP to developers once again.

Since Lucasfilm is now back in the Star Wars licensing business, the company has announced the relaunch of the Lucasfilm Games banner.

“ is thrilled to reveal that Lucasfilm Games is now the official identity for all gaming titles from Lucasfilm, a name that encompasses the company’s rich catalog of video games and its eye toward the future,” the company said in a blog post.

The company also launched new Twitter and Facebook accounts so fans can keep up to date with forthcoming games.

Since 2013, EA Games has had the exclusive licensing rights to developing and publishing Star Wars games on console and PC for a core gaming audience. The core gaming audience does not include Star Wars games on mobile (although EA publishes Galaxy of Heroes) or the LEGO Star Wars franchise, which targets children. EA’s licensing deal ends in 2023.

Check out the sizzle reel for the announcement: