Star Wars: Squadrons: Ship builds that’ll help you take down the Empire or defeat the Republic

One of the coolest aspects of Star Wars: Squadrons is the customizable loadout system. Players can choose weapons, components, and defensive countermeasures to build their ideal ship for both single-player and multiplayer play. Here are a few builds we’ve enjoyed during the first two weeks of the game’s release.

Y-Wing Tough Guy Beginner build

It’s easy to hate on the Y-Wing. It’s clumsy and slow and tough to fly. But it’s also tough as hell and a lot of fun to fly with the right build. This is my “tough guy” build that helped me learn the multiplayer system.

I chose the Y-Wing because its toughness makes it forgiving of rookie mistakes. Its low top speed means that it’s harder for you to get too far ahead of your teammates in multiplayer. Also, this means that you have to plan your approach - you can’t engage and disengage at will. Once you’re fighting someone, it’s you or them. You can’t run so you have to get good.

Luckily, the Y-Wing’s thick shields and armor mean that you can survive several direct hits. The Deflector Hull provides more shield protection, at the cost of hull strength. But shields regenerate; hulls don’t. Make sure to overcharge your shields when you spawn to bring as much defensive power to the table as possible.

The guided rotary cannon has a decent DPS, but the fact that it’s guided means that there’s a built-in aim assist - one less thing for a newbie pilot to worry about. The automatic ion cannon is the same way - it can keep Imperials off your back without you having to worry too much about them.

I like the multi-lock missile because it can lock on to several fighters at once, but if you want to focus your damage, feel free to switch it out for the anti-starfighter missile.

X-Wing capital ship attack build

The X-Wing is the multi-role fighter. It’s agile enough for dogfights but can equip heavy weapons to engage with capital ships. That’s what this build is for.

The key is its proton torpedoes, which do a lot of damage against capital ships but are too slow to be effective against fighters; you’re going to need to use your lasers to handle them. The fortified deflector provides more protection when engaging with capital ships while the SLAM engine gives you more power for boosting away from capital ships after your run is over.

U-Wing disabling build

This is a U-Wing build that shifts the ship’s focus from support to fighter engagement. Your goal is to hit your enemy with an ion missile to disable it, a tractor beam to lock it in place, and standard laser cannons to rip it to shreds. This can help compensate for the fact that the U-Wing is probably the second least maneuverable fighter in the Rebel fleet, right after the tanky Y-Wing.

All out A-Wing build

If you have a deep enmity for the Empire, a need for speed, and a wanton disregard for your own safety, this is the build for you. The A-Wing is ridiculously fragile, and I’ve found that if the enemy gets down to your hull, you’re usually a dead man anyway, so I replaced the auto repair system with rockets. These will let you engage in daring strafing runs against capital ships. I also have the rapid-fire cannon to help maximize DPS, particularly against pesky bombers. Quick-lock missiles will help you deal with TIE interceptors.

Imperial Rage TIE build

This is a build for flying straight at the enemy and wrecking them. This is a simple and brutal build that centers around the high rate of fire burst cannon and dumb fire rockets. The repair system means that you can recover from the damage of jousting, and the SLAM engine lets you get away from bad engagements you raged your way into. Fly right the hell at Rebels, call them scum, and blast them out of the sky. It’s not what I would call “smart play” but it’s really satisfying when it works.

TIE Bomber mosquito build

This is the build for engaging in the mosquito strategy. Enterprising gamers have figured out how to break one aspect of multiplayer. It’s possible for TIE Bombers to fly right up beside a capital ship, beneath its shields, cut speed to zero, and just hang out blasting away with the rotary cannon.

You can overcharge your weapons and keep them that way by transferring power from the engine you aren’t using, increasing your DPS even further. Capital ship turrets don’t have the DPS to destroy the TIE Bomber before it does massive damage. The assault shield helps you get close, and the proton bombs are there in case you need a little extra oomph.

To be clear, I do not support this strategy. It can win and do tons of damage, but it also disrupts the spirit of the game and makes it less fun to play. That being said, I understand why people use this strategy. It can win, particularly against uncoordinated teams.

So those are some of my favorite builds! What are you using? Are you enjoying the multiplayer? Let us know in the comments.