Star Wars: Squadrons: Expansions and DLC we want to see

Unlike practically every other EA game, there is no DLC planned for Star Wars Squadrons. While I do have some issues with the “games as a service” trend at the moment, I think it’s ironic that one of EA’s best Star Wars releases has no follow-up content. This is especially surprising given the vast and wonderful extended Star Wars universe, as well as all multiplayer modes that would function inside of the mechanical framework of Squadrons.

More campaign missions

Squadrons campaign mode is excellent, and it’d be great to follow these original characters on more adventures throughout the Star Wars universe. It’d be awesome to follow Vanguard / Titan squadron through iconic Star Wars battles, both ahead of and behind the original game’s timeline. The devs have already proven that they’re not shy about featuring canon characters in the main campaign; it’d be fun to accompany folks like Kaz from the Resistance. We’ve already seen Hera Syndulla - what about the rest of the Rebels crew? Of course, Titan and Vanguard are compelling all on their lonesome. I’d definitely be down for more jockeying between Javes and Kerrill.

I’d also love to see some atmospheric levels with an actual planet to crash into because I definitely don’t have enough Pilot Error deaths on my record yet. Jokes aside though - once we have atmospheric missions, there’s no reason why we can’t get the AT-AT / Snowspeeder battle from The Empire Strikes Back.

More game modes

Squadrons is begging for a PvE horde mode. I would love to see how long my friends and I could last against relentless waves of TIEs or Rebel fighters. Every few waves, a frigate could jump in and you could dock, purchase upgrades and hull repairs, and then you’re back at it. The AI is just challenging enough to be interesting, especially in large numbers.

While I can’t say I’d be super excited about it, a battle royale mode might draw folks in. Sixty to 100 fighters on a single map would probably be stupid fun, and I’m not gonna lie, I’d probably spawn in a Y-Wing and just ram people until I’m inevitably taken out. 

I would love to see an Aces mode, where you could go head to head with someone with a roughly similar MMR in an extremely fast “best of five” type setup. It would also be fun to be able to fly Rebel ships against Rebel ships, and Imperials against Imperials.

I’d love to get a racing mode (maybe we could call it Kessel Run mode?). I’d love to race people in time trials to see who can get the best time, as well as engage in head to head racing. It could be as complicated as navigating the inside of a space station or as simple as a loop course, a la Starfox. It’d be especially interesting if you had to grab power-ups to gain boost power - Star Wars Mario Kart, why the hell not?

Fleet Battles is very cool, but it’d be great to have levels with distinct lanes. You could separate lanes via damaging nebula gases, like in the Zavian nebula, or you could separate them via extremely dense debris fields. High-speed jungling in an A-Wing would be fantastic.

More ships

The centerpiece of Squadrons are the awesome ships you get to fly, and there are plenty of ships from the Star Wars canon that would be great to fly.

The Millennium Falcon would be my first choice. It’s iconic, and being able to fly your own YT-1300 Corellian freighter is pretty much every Star Wars fan’s dream. Add that delightful VR cockpit simulation and you have a DLC worth paying for.

Since the Millennium Falcon would be a rebel ship, it’d be great to get some kind of corresponding Imperial ship. We’re spoiled for choice here too, with the TIE Defender, Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced, or Kylo Ren’s TIE Silencer.

Folks have been hollering on the game’s subreddit for the TIE Brute, and the Rebel answer to that is none other than the B-Wing. It would be fun to add a superheavy bomber style ship to the game, and these two fit the bill.

I would also love to see some kind of capital ships mode, where players take control of the systems of a Star Destroyer or MC75 and engage one another at close range, similar to the opening battle of The Last Jedi.

And if nothing else…

Give us mod support. Give us the keys to the kingdom and let us run wild with your physics engine and build the worlds and adventures we want to see.

What expansions do you want to see? Let us know in the comments!