Star Wars: The Old Republic now available on Steam for free

If you’ve been playing Star Wars: The Old Republic on the original launcher and want a change of scenery, the game is now available on Steam. EA and BioWare made the announcement this week along with announcing there will be cross-save and cross-play between both Steam and the original SWTOR game launcher. This means progress will carry back and forth between both platforms.

You’ll also be able to earn new trading cards, emoticons, and other rewards for your original characters. There will be more than 100 achievements added to Star Wars: The Old Republic on Steam, and the ones already earned in the game, they will count toward the Steam achievements.

From looking at the game's Reddit page, most players are excited about the move, hoping for an increase in players. More players equal more money which they hope would increase the budget for the continued development of the game. 

For more info about the game’s arrival on Steam, check out the post on the SWTOR blog. Grab the game from Steam here.