Star Wars: The Old Republic’s next expansion launches in December

BioWare and Electronic Arts have announced via a press release that Knights of the Eternal Throne, the latest digital expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic, will launch on December 2.

Knights of the Eternal Throne, which serves as a continuation of the new high-level storyline which began in the previously released Knights of the Fallen Empire prequel campaign, will take a similar approach to past Old Republic expansion packs in that it will be an entirely free experience which is only available to those who are subscribed to the game.

According to an info page, players who are subscribed to The Old Republic during certain time periods will also receive exclusive Knights of the Eternal Throne perks, including a new bounty hunter companion for being subscribed on October 25, a Rapid Recon Walker mount for being subscribed on November 27, and three days of early access to the expansion’s new content for being subscribed for the entirety of the October 25-November 27 period (early access will begin on November 29).

You can check out the Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion’s slick new cinematic, titled “Betrayed,” below.