Star Wars Battlefront Skirmish support ends as DICE pivots towards sequel

DICE has announced that it is winding down ongoing support for Star Wars Battlefront as it turns most of its focus towards the game’s planned sequel, which is set to launch later this year.

Last year, DICE added in a new offline Skirmish mode for Battlefront as a response to fan complaints over the lack of a proper single-player campaign. Skirmish allows players to play offline matches of two of Battlefront’s signature game modes, Walker Assault and Fighter Squadron, either alone or with a friend via split-screen couch co-op. However, Skirmish only supports the maps from the base game and not any of its four DLC packs, which means there’s no way for players to access DLC maps other than to play online.

Players were hoping that DICE would eventually update Skirmish to include DLC maps, but according to a recent update post on the Star Wars Battlefront website, it looks like that isn’t going to happen.

The silver lining to this disappointing news is that, during a recent investor call, Electronic Arts president Andrew Wilson confirmed that the upcoming sequel to Battlefront (which has been given a holiday 2017 release window) will contain a proper single-player campaign, new playable heroes, new locations, and more, basically rectifying the major complaints which players had with Battlefront.

The sequel will also apparently feature content from multiple Star Wars eras (the original trilogy, The Force Awakens, Rogue One, etc.) from the get-go.