Star Wars Battlefront mod unlocks hidden Hero Blast game mode

While a majority of the Star Wars fan community is already gearing up for this year’s Star Wars Battlefront 2, DICE’s previous release, the promising yet ultimately disappointing Star Wars Battlefront, has found a new lease on life (at least on PC) thanks to the release of a mod that adds a previously scrapped mode back into the game.

The mode is called Hero Blast and, as you might guess from its name, it serves as a slightly modified version of Battlefront’s standard Blast mode by pitting two teams of six players, all of whom get to play as an iconic Star Wars hero or villain, against each other. Files for Hero Blast were originally discovered within the game’s code about a year ago, suggesting that DICE had planned to add it in via DLC at one point but ultimately decided not to. Now, thanks to a new mod from modder BDangercat, Battlefront players on PC can create and play their own Hero Blast matches using the game’s Private Match feature.

If you’d like to download the Hero Blast mod yourself, you can find links for the mod and instructions on how to get it up and running here.