Star Wars Battlefront II will receive Solo movie content on June 12

Last month, DICE kicked off the second content season for Star Wars Battlefront II, a season which focuses squarely on the roguish smuggler Han Solo. The season was divided into two halves, with the first half focusing on Han Solo’s later exploits, namely those from the original Star Wars movie trilogy. Now, the second half of the season has been given a release date of its own, and when it arrives it will bring in a fresh wave of content themed around the recently launched Solo: A Star Wars Story film.

When the Solo update arrives on June 12, it will include a series of new cosmetic items and gameplay additions along with the usual tweaks and bug fixes. For cosmetic items, players will be able to earn and unlock a total of five new character skins: two Legendary skins for Han (‘Corellia Escape’ and ‘Beckett’s Crew’), two Legendary skins for Lando Calrissian (‘Raconteur’ and ‘Professional Sportsman’), and a new Epic skin for Chewbacca (‘Vandor Heist’).

As for new gameplay additions, players will be able to pilot a Solo-themed version of the Millennium Falcon which is piloted by Lando and the droid L3-37. Lando’s version of the Falcon will be lighter and more agile than the two existing models already available in Battlefront II, but as a tradeoff it will also be less durable. The June 12 update will also introduce a new competitive game mode, Extraction, in which the Rebel team has to successfully escort cargo shipments to an escape point and the Imperial team has to stop them. Extraction will be playable on both a brand new map themed around Solo’s Kessel mines and the Jabba’s Palace map that was introduced in last month’s update.

A full breakdown of what the June 12 update comes with can be found courtesy of the update’s official patch notes.