Star Wars Battlefront II removes real-money microtransactions (for now)

In response to a furious outcry that's only grown more intense as the game's official launch has drawn closer, EA and DICE announced in a blog post released yesterday that all in-game purchases involving real money will be "turned off" in Star Wars Battlefront II. Previously players would be able to purchase "crystals," the in-game currency used to unlock content such as abilities, perks, and famous Star Wars characters, using real-world money, but now that option has been removed, and crystals can only be earned via gameplay. 

The blog post from DICE GM Oskar Gabrielson says that the "ability to purchase crystals in-game will become available at a later date," so this suspension of microtransactions doesn't look to be a permanent change, but EA and DICE are likely to tread very carefully from this point forward in an effort to salvage the decent game currently buried beneath a mountain of controversy

The post is light on any specific details beyond the suspension of in-game purchases, but you should give it a read yourself and see what you think of the attempted course correction from the Battlefront II team.