Star Wars Battlefront II Clone Wars content will be spread out the rest of the year

One of the smaller yet still notable surprises that happened during this year’s E3 conference was the announcement that Star Wars Battlefront II will be receiving a whole bunch of new content that’s themed around the Clone Wars era depicted in the three prequel films. Now, developer DICE has revealed a content roadmap that shows the Clone Wars content will be slowly doled out over the remainder of 2018, with the most exciting bits saved for the end of the year.

DICE community manager Ben Walke tweeted out the below image which shows the development roadmap for the Clone Wars content:

As you can see in the image, DICE is planning to release four Clone Wars-themed updates throughout the remainder of 2018, with the first update scheduled to arrive sometime this month. The July/August updates will include minor new features and tweaks such as a 4v4 hero ship competitive mode, new Clone Wars trooper cosmetic appearances, and quality-of-life changes such as being able to swap appearances during the pre-round period.

Come this fall the first major Clone Wars update will arrive, adding in a new as-yet-revealed large-scale competitive mode (a mode which many fans theorize to be Conquest), an improved Squads system, and the new playable heroes Obi-Wan Kenobi and General Grievous. Then, in in the winter a second update will arrive, bringing with it new Geonosis-themed maps and two additional heroes: Count Dooku and Anakin Skywalker.   

DICE also notes in the image that it will continue to improve in-game elements such as matchmaking, map rotation, and daily challenges, and that it plans to add in more content than what is shown in the Clone Wars roadmap. The studio will have more to share about both the Clone Wars content and other feature additions in future roadmap updates.