Star Wars Battlefront II’s Last Jedi content season gets a slick gameplay trailer

Star Wars Battlefront II’s first content season, which is themed around the upcoming Last Jedi movie, won’t begin in earnest until December 13 (though it has technically been live as of earlier this week), but DICE is already working on getting fans hyped with a sleek new trailer that teases what’s to come with both cinematic visuals and clips of actual gameplay.

The Last Jedi content season will last throughout the entire month of December, and it will kick off in full on December 13 when Star Wars Battlefront II gets its first two DLC hero characters: Finn and Captain Phasma. Other content additions which will be added include new vehicles, two new maps set on the planets Crait and D’Qar, and even a free expansion to the game’s single-player campaign titled ‘Resurrection’ which moves the campaign’s timeframe up to the events of the newer Star Wars movies.

You can catch glimpses of all of the above courtesy of the trailer above. A more in-depth breakdown of Star Wars Battlefront II’s first content season can be found here.