Star Wars Battlefront II’s Han Solo season begins on May 16

DICE has unveiled the second content season for Star Wars Battlefront II following last year’s inaugural The Last Jedi season. For the game’s second season of content, DICE will be focusing on the iconic scoundrel-turned-resistance leader Han Solo, with one half of the season focusing specifically on the upcoming prequel film Solo: A Star Wars Story. The season is set to kick off one week from now, on May 16, and the start of the season will bring with it a new map, a new game mode, new character skins, and more.

In this announcement post on the Star Wars Battlefront II website, DICE was careful to clarify that the Han Solo content season will be deployed via two “waves” of content, with the first wave arriving next week.

The second wave will follow sometime in June, shortly after the May 25 release of the Solo movie. For the first content wave, DICE will be focusing more on Han Solo’s later exploits, specifically his adventures in the film Return of the Jedi. Below is a brief summary of all the content that’s coming on May 16:

  • A new map themed around the interior of Jabba the Hutt’s palace (complete with a Rancor pit and empty carbonite slab).
  • Two new skins: an Epic skin for Lando Calrissian based off his Jabba’s Palace Guard disguise, and the game’s first Legendary skin, Princess Leia’s Boushh bounty hunter disguise which includes a voice scrambler that changes Leia’s spoken dialogue to Ubese.
  • A new multiplayer game mode called Hero Showdown in which players face off in 2v2 hero battles. The first team to win a specific number of rounds takes the match, but the twist is that once you win a round using a specific pair of heroes, you can’t use those heroes again for the remainder of the match.
  • Starfighter Assault will be made available for the game’s Arcade mode, allowing players to hone their piloting skills before venturing into live multiplayer matches.
  • Miscellaneous quality-of-life improvements such as reworked menus, new score milestones for troopers and heroes, and the ability to spend earned skill points between match rounds.

Details about the second wave of season two content are being kept under wraps for now, but DICE has hinted that it will include yet another Legendary character skin and a new map set on an entirely new planet. A full reveal of the second content wave will be coming at some point in the very near future.