Star Wars Battlefront’s Death Star DLC gets a new trailer

Star Wars Battlefront’s third DLC expansion, which is themed around the iconic Death Star, launches tomorrow, and DICE is celebrating with a brand new trailer showing off the expansion’s features.

The Death Star expansion will naturally contain the usual fair of new maps, weapons, Hutt contracts, and more. It will also contain a new Battle Station mode which ties all of the new maps together. Battle Station will involve three-round matches where the first round encompasses a space battle between X-Wings and Tie Fighters, the second round focuses on an on-foot skirmish within the halls of the Death Star, and the third round puts players back in their ships as they head into the iconic trench run from the original Episode IV film. Two new hero characters will also be added in the Death Star expansion: the bounty hunter Bossk for the Imperials, and the loveable Wookie Chewbacca for the Rebels.

The Death Star expansion will launch tomorrow, September 20, for $14.99 (it will also be free for season pass holders). One more expansion, which is themed around the upcoming Rogue One film, is set to launch early next year.