Spotify now available on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4

Sony has closed down its Music Unlimited service on both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 and replaced it with a new service called PlayStation Music which features the popular music streaming service Spotify.

According to Sony, using Spotify through the PlayStation Music service doesn’t require a Spotify Premium account nor does it require PlayStation Plus. The PlayStation Music version of Spotify can link up to the service’s mobile app, allowing users to add in music and control what music is playing on the console through the app. Those who want to try out Spotify’s $9.99 a month Premium program, which removes the ads, improves audio quality, and allows users to listen to music offline, can take advantage of a number of free offers. Those who had an active Music Unlimited account as of March 29 are eligible for two free months of Spotify Premium while those who either have or make a Spotify account and have never used a free trial offer before can get one month free.

Sony and Spotify are working exclusively on the PlayStation Music app for now but Sony hasn’t ruled out that other music services could be added in at some point down the line.